Wine Pairing and Meatloaf

It’s kind of bizarre when you initially think about it.  Pairing wine with what is essentially considered North American Peasant food or a cafeteria staple.  Meatloaf, is after all, essentially ground up leftover meat of all types (beef, pork, poultry, venison), mixed with some spices, finely cut veggies, and either bread crumbs or cereal grains.

However, red wine has an affinity for meat, and you aren’t going to have a problem pairing any red wine with this meaty dish.  Since many consider meatloaf a comfort food, we suggest you reach for your favourite comfort wine.

Our favourite choice would either be a medium bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, or Merlot with a bit of spiciness to it.  Meatloaf tends to be a little dry and sometimes bland, so these two wines will add a bit of flavour and depth to the dish.

Due to the variety of meats and other ingredients used, you just can’t go wrong with Zinfandel .  Zinfandel is one of the most food friendly wines out there, and no matter what the meat used, whether it is beef, turkey, or sausage, Zinfandel will combine quite well.

In fact, given the right Zin, you could consider Zinfandel the ketchup to your Meatloaf as the Zin has a sweet and refreshing quality to it.  Zinfandel is rarely tannic, but rather fruity and outright delicious.

Finally, a nice bold and jammy Australian Shiraz will go amazing with your Meatloaf as well, particularly if your meatloaf has lamb in it.

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