Wild Boar & Wine Pairing

Wild Boar is a leaner but stronger flavoured and gamier meat than pork.  Due to the stronger flavours, it demands complex and bold wines.  Our number one pick would be a rich and spicey Shiraz or Syrah.  This dark fruit flavoured wine will really show off its richness and complexity when paired with barbecued or roasted pork.

Wild Boar really needs to be eaten practically rare in order to keep it from going dry, and to keep the lean meat.  If prepared in this fashion, complex and tannic reds such as Barolo, Barabresco, Cabernet Sauvignon or Super Tuscan will all be fantastic.

If the wild boar leans towards more a well done preparation (such as a wild boar stew) lighter reds, such as Barberas and Dolcettos will be more suitable.

Special thanks to io9 and Lauren Davis for mentioning us and our Wild Boar and Wine Pairing for their Post-Apocalypse pairings.  I got a great hoot out of it, as well as stocked my wine cellar appropriately for such a day.