Weissbier & Food Pairings

Weissbier, also known as Bavarian Wheat Beer, or Weizenbier is similar but different than American Wheat Beer. While it shares a Wheat Beer’s light body and slightly citrus tartness, it also features notes of cloves, bubble gum, vanilla and banana. Darker versions of this beer are called Dunkelweisse or Dunkelweizen. And even darker versions are called Weissbock. We’ll cover food pairings for these darker versions in later blogs.

When it comes to food, Weissbier is incredibly versatile. It can get along with any food, provided you don’t mind the clove or banana flavours that accompany it. Although Weissbier can accompany lighter fare like salads, sole, or chicken, it can also provide refreshment against spicier dishes like Chicken Vindaloo, Vietnamese Cuisine, or Thai Food.

Weissbier and Tandoori Chicken

Skinless legs and thighs are marinated in a mixture of yogurt, lemon juice, and spices such as clove and Cayenne pepper before it is grilled. Here, you find the Weissbier’s clove flavours complement the spices used in marinating the dish and the vanilla flavours pick up on the charred flesh of the chicken. Furthermore, any spicy heat is subdued by the carbonation and tart citrus finish of the Bavarian beer.

Weissbier and Caesar Salad

This is a tasty pairing as the tart acidity of the Weissbier acts like a squeeze of lemon that highlights all the delicious components of a Caesar Salad such as the dressing, bacon and croutons. The acidity of the wine also cuts through the rich and creamy dressing, which makes each bite taste fresher. The subtle smoky nature of the beer draws out those lovely bacon flavours, and the carbonation of the beer is refreshing against the saltiness of the bacon or anchovies.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Grilled Weisswurst Sausage and Weissbier

Hailing from Germany, it’s no surprise that Weissbier is amazing with all things pork. Ham, Prosciutto, Pork Chops, roast suckling pig and roast pork are all amazing with this beer.

The vanilla flavours will pick up on the charred Grilled Weisswurst Sausage flavours, while the carbonation and slight sweetness of Weissbier are the perfect counterpoint against the saltiness of the sausage. Spices, such as parsley, cardamom, ginger and lemon zest are further elevated by the clove, citrus, and spicy nature of this beer.

Omelettes and Weissbier

Omelettes, Eggs Benedict and Eggs Sunnyside up are no match for the crisp, cleansing power of Weissbier. The carbonation and acidity cut through the egg yolk, or any cheese you might add. Meanwhile the slight fruity flavours add a bit of brightness to this pairing.

Any toppings you add to this omelette, such as ham, bacon, spinach or mushrooms will be further complemented by this wonderful beer. Furthermore, the bitterness of green pepper won’t clash with the restrained bitterness of a well-made Weissbier.

Weissbier is perfect for any breakfast side-dishes or brunch time menu items. Bacon, Salmon, Salad, Yogurt, Fruit, and home fries will love the crisp and refreshing nature of this beer!

Grilled Salmon and Weissbier

The vanilla flavours of Weissbier love the grilled marks of Salmon, and the beer can hold up to the stronger and oilier components of this heavier fish. We love how the slight citrus tartness and carbonation wash away the fisher component of Salmon.

Weissbier is also perfect with seared Scallops, sauteed crab and lobster.


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