Vouvray & Food Pairings

Vouvray is a French white wine made with Chenin Blanc grapes in the Touraine district of France. It comes in multiple styles that range from sweet to dry, as well as still to sparkling. However, Delicate floral aromas and a lip-puckering taste of green apple or pair are a common attribute across all styles of Vouvray.

Vouvray can be broken down into sparkling, styles that are Brut (dry) or Demi-Sec (sweet). For Still wines (not fizzy), you can find Sec (dry), Tendre (off-dry or semi-sweet), Demi-Sec (Sweet) or Moelleux (Very Sweet).

Vouvray and Food Pairings

Wine and Cupcakes

For this section, we’ll cover still Vouvray styles and food pairings, as sparkling Vouvray you’ll commonly use as an aperitif or pair sweeter styles with a dessert. Sweet Vouvray wines are fantastic with cake or cupcakes!

For Sec/Dry Vouvray, you’ll find faint minerality to them, as they are bracingly dry, but still has an apple or pear taste. This is an excellent pair with lobster or crab as it lifts the unique flavour of the shellfish up. You’ll find a this crisp white wine pairs well with Charcuterie as it is acidic enough to cut through the saltiness and fat of meat. It’s also a solid pairing with Crudité, Artichokes, and Asparagus.

Tendre Vourvray has a touch of fruitiness, but still maintain a dry quality, perhaps making it the easiest to pair. Again this is an excellent pair with lobster and other shellfish like scallops and mussels, but also fish like halibut, trout, pike, and cod. It’s also lovely with Pork With Fruit or Fruit Sauce, Hot Dogs with the works, Turkey, and Veal.

Demi-Sec are bursting with sweet apple flavours. We enjoy it with Indian, Thai, Chinese and Ethiopian cuisine as the sweet flavours are refreshing when placed against the spiciness or heat of certain dishes. Foie Gras is another wonderful pairing for this Loire Valley white wine!

Moelleux Vouvray are rich and concentrated with sweet apple and pear notes, as well as candied ginger flavours. With this Viscous white wine you’re getting into dessert territory, so pair it with Crepes, Apple desserts, Ginger desserts, Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberries, Berry desserts, and custards.

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