Submarine Sandwiches & Wine Pairings

One primary reason why people sometimes don’t understand food and wine pairing is that the food and wine recommendations often involve complicated and high-end gourmet dishes.  Most of the population does not have much time to prepare fancy meals on a night or even weekly basis.  Should we prepare a grand feast, were often too focused on entertaining, setting up, and cleaning up to even consider thinking about enjoying a glass of wine.

That’s why take-out food is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine, with some great food in the comfort of your own home. Take-out food is at the height of its quality, diversity and its deliciousness.  In this blog article, we’ll look at four delicious submarine sandwiches that you can pair with four fantastic wines.

Italian Submarine Sandwich and Côtes du Rhône

A red Côtes du Rhône is ideal with an Italian sub as it has a refreshing yet savoury flavour that pairs well with the cold cuts in this sandwich.  Cotes-du-Rhone isn’t an easy wine to categorize given the variation in geography and the wine’s blend of different grape, but often you’ll get a medium-bodied red with blackberry, cherry, smoke, and pepper.  Set the mood with this pairing outside on a park bench, or on a grassy hill under an oak tree.

Turkey Club Submarine Sandwich and Chardonnay

Turkey is low in fat, so red wines aren’t usually the best match as they need some fat to hold on to.  This dish also has a lot of mayo, which requires something sharp to cut through it.  Finally, the smoky bacon needs something with a bit of flair to bring those amazing flavours forward.  Chardonnay, with its tropical bite, and toasty oak fits all three of these roles.  The refreshing pineapple, vanilla and apple flavours will dance on your tongue as it lifts away the mayo, and is refreshing against the bready and salty curtain of this delicious sandwich.

Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Melt Sandwich with a Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is an excellent choice for this decadent combination.  The complex forest floor flavours of the wine will complement the earthiness of the Bacon and the Mushrooms.  Meanwhile, the juicy cherry and strawberry flavours will go lip-smackingly well with the chicken.  I find this meal is best devoured on a patio or porch right around when the sun is setting, and the city is most alive.

Meatball Sub and Montepulciano Pairing

Montepulciano is a juicy medium-bodied red wine grape from Italy which has a naturally high acidity that makes it perfect with the tomato sauce that meatballs are often sitting in. The wine also features robust herbal flavours that add a bit of Italian flavour to your submarine sandwich. Finally the grippy tannin bites into the protein heavy meatballs, smoothing out the wine and showcasing it at its best.

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