Strawberries & Wine Pairing

On their own, or with a tiny bit of sugar, Strawberries are fantastic with a slightly sweet sparkling wine. A sparkling white Zinfandel is a great pairing as well as they are often full of strawberry flavours.


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Another favourite way to eat strawberries is to marinate them in a light red wine, such as a young Beaujolais.

Strawberry Shortcake and Ice Cuvée

One dessert I can’t get enough of is Strawberry Shortcake, and boy is this ever great with a sweet ice wine.  Pairing this with a sweet sparkling wine is also heavenly.  If you live in Ontario, try it with Peller Estates Ice Cuvee, or their Ice Cuvée Rosé.  These recommended wines would also go great with a strawberry tart.

Strawberries & Cream

For strawberries with cream, a charming Muscat-de-Beaumes-de-Venise is lip smacking pair as each component  brings out the best in one another.  However, if it’s in your budget, a Sauternes is our number one choice.

For any other dishes, such as strawberries dipped in milk chocolate, or strawberry mousse, the wines listed above should all pair fine.  If, however, you are not a fan of sweeter or sparkling wines, you can always turn towards a Viognier for a white wine pairing.  A bright and light Californian Pinot Noir, or a Gamay should make for a pleasant combination.

Strawberries, Black Pepper & Baco Noir

For something exciting, try a Baco Noir with strawberries and freshly cracked black pepper! Black Pepper on Strawberries served with wine might sound weird, but we assure you, the pairing is amazing. Baco Noir is an acidic and fruity red wine with a bit of smoke on the nose. The black pepper helps punctuate the spicy smokey notes of the wine, while the zingy fruit flavours of the wine merge perfectly with the juicy strawberry flavours.

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