Savennières Wine & Food Pairing

What is Savennières?

Made in the Middle Loire Valley of France, in the Anjou region, Savennières is a white wine made from 100% Chenin Blanc. Here the vineyards have slate and clay soils that add a lot of structure and minerality to a wine concentrated with flavours of pear, candied lemon, hazelnut and honey.

Savennieres and Crab Cakes

A fair amount of work goes into producing Savennières, making it more difficult to obtain. In fact, only about 17,000 cases are produced each year, which might seem like a lot, but we assure you, it is quite limited for a wine. As such, we’d suggest saving it for a special meal, which shouldn’t be an issue, as this wine ages well (at least 5 years or more).

Upon buying a bottle, we recommend reading the label, or visiting the wine producers website. Some Savennières suggest decanting a bottle for up to 48 hours!

What to Pair Savennières With

Savennières & Raw Oysters

The saline, and mineral texture of the Savennières complements the same features you would find in Raw Oysters.

Savennières & Salmon

Savennières is rich enough in flavour, that sometimes it matches a red wine in weight. As such, it can hold up to the rich flavours of Salmon.

Savennières & Crab Cakes

Savennières are dry white wines with a whole lot of acidity. That acidity is going to cut through the ‘greasiness’ of the outer shell of the Crab Cake, and the mineral and citrus nature will complement the meatiness of this dish.

Savennières & Veal or White Meat in a Mushroom Sauce

Savennières will mingle well with any butter or cream like sauce, lifting the subtle flavours of the meat, such as veal, pork, or poultry upwards.


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