Sandbanks Baco Noir Review & Food Pairings

Sandbanks Baco Noir from Prince Edward County is a lush red wine with smooth layers of plum, mocha and wild cherry flavours. It has a bit of sweetness to it, followed by a great tangy acidity. As with all of our reviews, we’ll explain why this wine goes with four great foods.

Hamburger with Pickle

Sandbanks Baco Noir and Hamburgers

As Sandbanks Baco Noir is tangy and slightly sweet, it has the same effect ketchup has when complementing a hamburger. It keeps your mouth juicy and the tanginess tears away at all the protein and fat in the burger, bringing out the great meat flavours. Sandbanks Baco Noir has a touch of oak, which adds a bit of smoke to the wine, and complements a flame broiled hamburger. Finally, Sandbanks Baco Noir isn’t overly tannic, it loves well done hamburgers. The rich fruit flavours of the wine will make the grilled hamburger taste unreal!

We give this pairing four stars and a half stars as toppings can influence the rating to move in either direction.

Sandbanks Baco Noir and Chicken Wings

Sandbanks Baco Noir is great with Chicken wings as it is slightly sweet and high in acidity. The sweet nature of the wine is quite refreshing when going against a spicy chicken wing. Furthermore, the acidity in this wine strips away all the fat found in the chicken wing and sauce to bring out the best flavours of the dish. We give this four stars as the sauce you choose makes a bit of a difference in the pairing.

Sandbanks Baco Noir and Lamb Kebabs

The fruity nature of Sandbanks Baco Noir, such as its cherry and plum flavours, makes it a great match with grilled Lamb Kebabs. Lamb at times can be gamey, but the juicy flavours mask those flavours, brightening the whole dish up. The acidity in the wine livens up the grilled vegetables, and the smokiness in the wine will go great with the grilled flavours of the lamb kebab.

Sandbanks Baco Noir and Pizza

Sandbanks Baco Noir has great acidity, and acidic wines love tomato sauce. When you pair a heavy and tannic wine with tomatoes, the wine will feel flat and metallic. When you pair an acidic wine like Baco Noir with tomato sauce, the wine and the sauce instantly comes alive. This is a great red wine to pair with simple pepperoni pizzas or homemade gourmet vegetarian pizzas. We give this pairing four stars as toppings make all the difference.

For additional information on other foods that go great with Baco Noir, read our Baco Noir and Food Pairing article.

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