Salmon Burgers & Beer or Wine Pairings

Salmon Burgers are a healthier alternative to the regular burger. They’re chock full of heart-healthy Omega 3 fish oils, and you’re way less likely to stack it up with cheese, bacon, or fattening sauces, that will pump up your waistline and blood pressure.

Instead, the addition of herbs and other low-calorie ingredients, such as parsley, basil, or lemon juice are added to the patty mixture and makes beer and wine pairings quite fun and enjoyable.

Salmon Burger

Salmon Burgers and Beer

This dish is just screaming for a Sauvignon Blanc. For one reason, Sauvignon Blanc is grassy and herbal on the nose and palate, so it’s going to mesh well with the fresh parsley mixed in with the burger patty. Sauvignon Blanc is also acidic, and tart, allowing it to stand up to the lemon juice found in this burger. Other white wines like Pinot Grigio, aren’t very acidic and might come across as flat if the lemony zestiness of this burger is strong. Sauvignon Blanc also seems to love grilled foods.

A tropical and lightly oaked Chardonnay or a dry Riesling are nice matches too, as they are acidic and will be able to stand up to the lemon juice.

For Red wine, your best bet is a Pinot Noir. We’d suggest an Oregon Pinot Noir. With lots of bright cherry and strawberry flavours, on top of subtle earthy and smoky flavours, you’ll find that an Oregon Pinot Noir will blend nicely with the grilled flavours of the rich salmon. Pinot Noir is not a heavy red wine either and will be lip-smacking refreshing when paired with the grilled nature of this fresh salmon burger.

Beer Pairing

For beer, we’d recommend a beer with a robust and malty lager as it will complement the grilled flavours without overpowering the dish. Rickard’s Red instantly springs to mind. You might also want to try a citrusy wheat beer. The citrus flavours will go nicely with the lemon juice used in the salmon burger patties and cut through the richness of the salmon burger. One beer we’ve tried with this meal is Hoegaarden, and it was fantastic.

Tea Pairings

If you’re really going the healthy route for this meal, we’d suggest a green tea. You want a green tea with some substance, however, as a delicate green tea would be crushed by the salmon flavours. We’d suggest Pi Lo Chun Green tea available from Adagio Teas or Tealyra.  This full-bodied green tea has a smokiness and earthiness to it, that will go great with the charred flavours of the barbecued salmon burgers, along with a floralness, which will mesh well with the parsley in the burgers.

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