Quiche & Wine Pairing

Quiche is a delicious egg tart full of cheese, cream and possibly veggies such as spinach, arugula or mushrooms. Quiche Lorraine is similar in that you’ll find cheese, bacon or ham and onions. Basically, it’s a rich omelette packaged in a pie like pastry. Sporting a fair amount of fat, Quiche needs an acidic wine to break through the wall of flavour, or else you run the risk of not tasting the wine at all. Our favourite pairings with Quiche are Sparkling Wine, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Beaujolais and Pinot Gris.


Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Sparkling Wine & Quiche

Sparkling Wine is a classic brunch staple. Bubbly, fairly neutral and acidic, Sparkling wine excels at cutting through rich breakfast foods like eggs, hash browns, bacon and ham. Often people call all sparkling wine “Champagne”, and this often not the case. Champagne is a very specific region in France where a certain Sparkling Wine is made, and there are hundreds of other wineries and regions producing their own Sparkling Wines. Champagne is, however, a premium sparkling wine so it is an excellent match.

The reason why Sparkling Wine, or Champagne, works well is that the bubbles help lift away the fatty nature of the cream, eggs and cheese used in the Quiche. Otherwise, your taste buds get coated in the fatty component, and this numbs your senses.

Vermentino & Spinach Quiche

Vermentino is a light-bodied white wine with aromas of pear, peach, lime, grapefruit and crushed gravel with a bitter grapefruit pith finish. You’ll find two styles of Vermentino, which are floral and zestier, and another style where you’ll get an almost oily or buttery/creamy sensation on the tongue.

We love the buttery/creamy variant with Quiche as we find the weight of the body complements the texture of the eggs, cream and cheese found in Quiche. Meanwhile, the grapefruit bitterness of the finish meshes well with the spinach flavours of Spinach Quiche. No matter what style of Vermentino you choose, you’ll find a wine that brightens up your Quiche dish.

Pinot Gris & Quiche

When we say Pinot Gris, we are talking about Pinot Grigio, except from a different region. To keep things simple, Pinot Gris is made in France, and Pinot Grigio hails from Italy, although both use the same grape. Pinot Gris, in our opinion, is a little more sweet, spicy, tropical and rich in texture. We find the richness complements the Quiche, why the tropical flavours of the wine are strong enough to hold up the heavy flavours of Quiche.

Pinot Grigio is no slouch when pitted against Quiche, either. With Pinot Grigio, you can expect a white wine that is crisper that Pinot Gris with its citrus flavours. Lighter in body, Pinot Grigio’s acidity allows its vibrancy to shine through against the creamy texture of Quiche.

Beaujolais & Quiche

If you are bringing Quiche on a picnic, Beaujolais is the wine to bring. Light and fruity, as well as low in alcohol, Beaujolais has the right amount of acidity to cut through the rich and creamy texture of Quiche. Meanwhile, the fruity flavours of the wine offer light and breezy refreshment for a warm sunny day.

Pinot Noir and Quiche Lorraine Pairing

Pinot Noir is a light and fruit red wine with an earthy undertone that complements the meaty flavours of bacon or ham. As an acidic red, Pinot Noir has no issue cutting through the fatty egg, cheese and cream component of Quiche. Meanwhile the fruity notes of wild field strawberries is refreshing against the saltiness found in either the Bacon or Ham.

Weissbier & Quiche Pairing

Weissbier is a German Wheat Beer that is exceptional with Quiche and all breakfast buffet type foods. The creamy and eggy flavours of Quiche are no match for the crisp and cleansing power of Weissbier. The carbonation and acidity of the beer slice through the egg, cheese, and cream with ease and determination. Any extra ingredients, whether it be spinach, onions, bacon or mushrooms are further elevated by clove, banana and vanilla flavours of this fantastic beer.

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