Poutine & Wine Pairing

Poutine is a dense flavourful dish with earthy overtones from the french fries and gravy. Thus, our favourite wine pairings are earthy reds with lots of acidity to cut through the rich gravy and soft cheese curds, such as Pinot Noir, Baco Noir or a Chianti. Sparkling Wine and Riesling are also highly recommended for their bright acidic that is refreshing against the salty nature of Poutine.


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Poutine & Pale Ale

Most mid-bodied beers are going to be perfectly acceptable with Poutine as the carbonation will cut right through the fatty textures of the cheese and gravy. If we had to pick, we’d suggest a Pale Ale which is slightly sweet and sharply bitter. It’s this bitterness that helps zip through the gravy allowing the more subtle flavours to shine through. Meanwhile the sweet malt flavours are a nice foil to the salty component of Poutine.

Our second choice for a Beer pairing would be an IPA or an Indian Pale Ale. The bitter hops again are an excellent foil for the thick gravy and cheese curds. We rate this a touch less than a Pale Ale just because there are quite a few extreme craft brew IPA beers that have a strong grapefruit bitterness that might overpower the dish.

Poutine & Pinot Noir

An earthy Pinot Noir complements the earthy potato flavours, as well as the earthy elements you’ll find in the gravy. You’ll also find some much-needed acidity to help cut through the gravy and cheese. If you’ve ever sat down to a steaming plate of Poutine, you’ll remember how about a quarter of the way through that your bites of food aren’t as exciting as the very first few bites. This is because the gravy and cheese fat are covering our tastebuds and cheeks, blocking your taste receptors. The acidity in the Pinot Noir clears these taste receptors, allowing each bite to taste as fresh as the previous one.

Poutine & Baco Noir

Here’s a double dose of Canada, with Baco Noir largely made in the Great White North. Baco Noir is a fruity and acidic red with lovely smokey and earthy notes that complement the gravy. Again you’ll find the acidity your best friend as it wipes all the delicious, but tastebud-clogging, fat clear from your mouth.

Sparkling Wine and Poutine

While Sparkling wine will make each bite taste fresh, it really has no complementary flavours. Still, the saltiness of the Poutine will elevate the subtle flavours of the sparkling wine you may have never noticed before.

Sancerre & Poutine Pairing

Sancerre is a French Sauvignon Blanc but it also has an additional component of gunflint that we feel complements the smoky gravy flavours of Poutine. Bright and full of acidity, Sancerre cleanses the palate. Furthermore, the wine’s herbal and citrus notes are elevated by the salt in your Poutine.


Do you have a favourite Poutine and Wine Pairing? Let us know in the comments below!


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