Pinotage & Food Pairings

With a name like Pinotage, you’d expect this South African Red wine to taste like Pinot Noir. And you’d be half right, as Pinotage is a cross between the Cinsault Grape and Pinot Noir. Except, you’re left with this inky-black wine that is incredibly bolder than the two grapes that make it, while still remaining mid-bodied.

If I were to compare Pinotage to any grape, it would be Shiraz, as it is loaded with rich black cherry, plumb, raspberry, and blackberry flavours. On top of that, you get unique red licorice, menthol, fig, and savoury meat flavours, followed by a sweet, smoky finish. This balance of flavours makes Pinotage perfect with barbecued beef, pulled pork, roasted pork, bacon, venison burgers, pulled pork, and Chorizo sausage.

Chorizo Sausage and Pinotage Pairing

While the taste of Chorizo varies from region to region, you can expect a spicy sausage with smoky flavours, that is high in calories, fat, and sodium. The rich raspberry flavours are a nice contrast against the salt and fat content in Chorizo Sausage. Meanwhile the sweet and sour smoky notes of Pinotage complement the meaty and earthy flavours found in the sausage.

Barbecued Beef and Pinotage Pairing

The sweet and smoky nature of Pinotage loves anything barbecued, particularly if it is slathered in Barbecued Sauce. The savoury meat flavours, along with tar, and tobacco add a further depth to this melding of wine and food.

Bold in nature, and jammed with rich tannin, Pinotage has no issues tackling the heavy meat flavours of your BBQ’d hamburger, steak, or beef ribs.

Roasted Pork and Pinotage Wine Pairing

The meat you cut off at a pig roast, while fatty, just do not play well with heavy red wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon or a full bodied Merlot. Yes the pairing will still be enjoyable, but you won’t be able to appreciate that succulent roasted flavour. That’s why we’d suggest Pinotage.

The nose on a Pinotage is leaping with raspberry, plum and blackberry flavours and has enough grippy tannin to deal with fatty cuts of pork, all without drowning out those delicious pork flavours.

Bacon and Pinotage Pairing

The sweet and smoky notes in Pinotage are an excellent companion to Bacon. Higher quality Pinot Noir tend even have Bacon like notes (from the Pinot Noir grape) that further complement this pairing. High in tannin, Pinotage bold flavour will go great with should the bacon accompany any other heavy meat components, like a burger, or game.

Donut Burger and Pinotage Wine Pairing

A donut burger is exactly as it sounds. It’s a hamburger with glazed donuts as its bun, and boy is it ever rich, especially if cheese or bacon are added. Pinotage has a sweet smoky aspect that complements both the sweetness of the donut and the meaty flavours of the hamburger meat. With ample amounts of fruit and bold tannin, Pinotage has no problems whisking away the greasy flavours of this epic concoction, keeping your mouth refreshed.

(Out of 5)
PinotageVenison Burgers4.5
PinotageSmoked Duck4.5
PinotagePulled Pork4.5
PinotageGrilled Venison4.5
PinotageSuckling Pig4
PinotageCape Malay4
PinotageBlackened Fish4
PinotageCurry Dishes4
PinotageBraised Short Ribs4
PinotageLamb Shanks4
PinotageBuffalo Chicken Wings4
PinotageGrilled Portobello Mushrooms4
PinotageMeat Lover's Pizza4
PinotageChili Con Carne4
PinotageChorizo Sausage4
PinotageHerring (Smoked Fish)4
Pinotage, South AfricaHoney Baked Ham4
PinotageGrilled Sturgeon4
PinotageCheddar Cheese4
PinotagePan Fried Tuna4
PinotageBlack Bean Chili3.5
PinotageChana Marsala3.5
Pinotage, South AfricaBarbecue3.5
PinotageBay Leaf3.5
Pinotage, South AfricaDonut Burger3.5
Pinotage, South AfricaCanadian Bacon3.5
PinotageRibeye Steak 3.5
PinotageBlue Cheese3.5
PinotageBaba Ghanoush3.5


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