Pinot Grigio & Food Pairings

Pinot Grigio is one of the lighter white wines available. It’s slightly citrusy, with hints of apple and flowers. It’s also low in alcohol, crisp, and clean.

Avoid paying too much for this wine. Most Pinot Grigio brands do not offer a lot of depth or flavour, so why pay big bucks for something refreshing, but simple. While every region makes its own version of Pinot Grigio, I tend to stick to Italian producers. By no means are they the best, it’s simply more of a style that seems to be the biggest crowd-pleaser. You may also see Pinot Grigio referred to as Pinot Gris. They are the same grape, and the same wine, Pinot Gris is just produced in different regions like Oregon and France. (and in Germany the grape is referred to as Grauburgunder)

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Pinot Grigio tends to be dryer, and crisp. While Pinot Gris offers more fruit flavours like peach, melon and lemon zest.

When to drink Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a good starter wine before dinner. Much like a ‘light beer’, Pinot Grigio is relatively neutral, and effective at putting you in the mood to dine. I like to think of it as a wine for lighthearted times.

Salad and Pinot Grigio

Enjoy Pinot Grigio with simple Salads. As Pinot Grigio is rather neutral, it will pair well with down to earth foods like garden salads or summer salads.

Pinot Grigio & Seafood

Simply prepared seafood dishes, and lighter fish dishes go great with Pinot Grigio. The flavours of this wine are rather delicate, so you want to pair Pinot Grigio up with lighter and less ‘fishy’ fish such as Halibut, Pickerel, Sole, or Trout. This wine is also fantastic with shellfish like scallops provided they are not in heavier sauces. Our favourite shellfish pairing with Pinot Grigio would be Linguine in a clam sauce.

Pinot Grigio is perfect for gatherings amongst friends or family during the summer months.

Most people aren’t going to care what white wine they drink at a gathering as long as it’s cold, and has a pleasant flavour. Pinot Grigio falls precisely into this category. While it won’t persuade anyone that it’s the best wine they’ve ever had, it won’t offend anyone either.

Pinot Grigio is perfect for making ‘Spritzers’. A spritzer is half soda water, half white wine, a few ice cubes and a squeeze of lemon. It’s a splendid beverage for people who don’t want to consume too much alcohol or who just want a light drink on a lazy afternoon.

Common Flavours of Pinot Grigio:

Lemon, Lime, Melon, Pear, Honeysuckle, Stone, Lemongrass, Green Apple, Pear, Pineapple, Peach, Flint, Honey

Notable Producers of Pinot Grigio:

Alsace: Hugel, Trimbach
California: Beringer, Gallo of Sonoma
Canada: Creekside, Cave Springs
Italy: Citra, Ronco, Santa Margherita, Spinelli
Oregon: Adelsheim, Elk Cove

Pinot Grigio Goes Great With:

While we downplayed Pinot Grigio at the start of this blog, we still love this white wine. While it’s not as flirtatious as a Chardonnay, or zesty as a Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio is always dependent and versatile. This is an acidic wine that will cut through the fat of neutral meats, and won’t clash with most sauces, dressings, condiments or side dishes.

Our Top Five Pinot Grigio and Food Pairings

Baked Clams and Italian Pinot Grigio

Since Pinot Grigio is a light wine with no oak, it marries well with the lemon and garlicky elements that tend to accompany baked clams.

Dry, crisp and with notes of minerality, an Italian Pinot Grigio (from Trentino-Alto, Veneto or Lombardy), or an Okanagan Pinot Grigio is excellent with raw clams. The mineral flavours in the wine complement the fresh from the sea flavours in the clams.

Sushi and Pinot Gris

There’s a lot of variety with sushi, from Tempura, Dragon Roll, California Roll, and Uni, there are so many flavours. Pinot Grigio makes a good middle of the road wine pairing as it shouldn’t clash with any of the sushi items.

We love a Fruity and Dry Pinot Gris from California, Oregon or Chile. With these wines, you get a little more lemon zest and peach flavours which elevate the Sushi Wine Pairing.

Antipasto and Pinot Grigio Pairing

A fruity Pinot Grigio has enough acidity to cut through the fattiness of the olives, pickled vegetables marinating in olive oil, cheeses, and cured meats like prosciutto. The peach, melon and apple flavours of the wine elevate the meat flavours, and the crisp acidity will wash away the fat from your cheeks.

Fish and Chips paired with Pinto Grigio

We’d suggest a fruity but dry Pinot Grigio to pair with Fish and Chips. The citrus notes elevate the subtle fish flavours, while the crisp acidity cuts through the deep-fried goodness of the battered fish and chips. Pinot Grigio is a wine that is meant for everyday foods, and pairing it with Fish and Chips showcases the power of this subtle wine.

Pinot Gris and Hot Dogs

From mustard, Relish, Mayo, onions, shredded cheese, jalapeno peppers, sriracha, ketchup, and onward, there’s a lot of options to select when it comes to Hot Dog toppings. That’s why we feel a fruity Pinot Gris makes a good match as the wine will not clash with any toppings you choose. Pinot Gris is a little more full-bodied than a Pinot Grigio but still acidic. Thus, it will wash away any heavy and fatty flavours with each sip. Pinot Gris also tames the heat of the jalapenos or sriracha and makes the saltiness of your hot dog vanish.

If your hot dog is slightly sweet from ketchup, or onions, try pairing it with a Grauburgunder. Grauburgunder is a German-style of Pinot Grigio, and while it is dry with notes of honeycomb, lemon and peach, it is also slightly sweet (in some cases). This sweetness complements the sweet notes of your hot dog toppings, while the acidity cleanses your palate. Grauburgunder requires a visit to a wine specialty shop as this version of Pinot Grigio is difficult to find outside of Germany.

out of 5
Pinot GrigioSeafood in a Cream Sauce4.5
Pinot GrigioFish4.5
Pinot GrigioPasta with Seafood4.5
Pinot GrigioProsciutto4.5
Pinot GrigioSushi4.5
Pinot GrigioClams4.5
Pinot GrigioGrilled Vegetable Sandwich4
Pinot GrigioFish and Chips4
Pinot GrigioZucchini Blossoms Fried4
Pinot GrigioEthiopian Cuisine4
Pinot GrigioCrescenza Cheese4
Pinot GrigioCrudité4
Pinot GrigioPissaladière4
Pinot GrigioFontina Cheese4
Pinot GrigioJohn Dory4
Pinot GrigioWhitebait4
Pinot GrigioTuna Salad Sandwich4
Pinot GrigioSmoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel4
Pinot GrigioFried Foods4
Pinot GrigioCalamari4
Pinot GrigioRisotto4
Pinot GrigioZucchini Blossoms4
Pinot GrigioMussels4
Pinot GrigioLancashire Hotpot4
Pinot GrigioMacaroni and Cheese4
Pinot GrigioHummus4
Pinot GrigioPlaice4
Pinot GrigioSeafood4
Pinot GrigioFritto Misto4
Pinot GrigioHam4
Pinot GrigioAntipasto4
Pinot GrigioAsiago Cheese4
Pinot GrigioRisotto with Vegetables4
Pinot GrigioFennel4
Pinot GrigioPasta Primavera4
Pinot GrigioOysters4
Pinot GrigioChicken Alfredo4
Pinot GrigioSalmon Smoked4
Pinot GrigioShellfish4
Pinot GrigioLobster4
Pinot GrigioSardines4
Pinot GrigioCod4
Pinot GrigioScallops4
Pinot GrigioHot Dogs4
Pinot GrigioFish Cakes4
Pinot GrigioSpaghetti Carbonara with Prosciutto4
Pinot GrigioChicken Salad4
Pinot GrigioRisotto with Asparagus3.5
Pinot GrigioPork Chops Roasted3.5
Pinot GrigioVeal Scallopine3.5
Pinot GrigioPesto3.5
Pinot GrigioThyme3.5
Pinot GrigioPasta with Cheese Sauce3.5
Pinot GrigioStriped Bass3.5
Pinot GrigioMustard3.5
Pinot GrigioCouscous3.5
Pinot GrigioNew England Clam Chowder3.5
Pinot GrigioMonkfish3.5
Pinot GrigioCilantro3.5
Pinot GrigioFish Smoked3.5
Pinot GrigioMackerel3.5
Pinot GrigioGrilled Chicken3.5
Pinot GrigioJapanese Cuisine3.5
Pinot GrigioBasil3.5
Pinot GrigioCheese Sauce3.5
Pinot GrigioHorseradish3.5
Pinot GrigioSalt Cod3.5
Pinot GrigioGreek Cuisine3.5
Pinot GrigioAperitif3.5
Pinot GrigioSalad3.5
Pinot GrigioGrilled Pork Chops3.5
Pinot GrigioEggs and Egg Based Dishes3.5
Pinot GrigioFried Green Tomato3.5
Pinot GrigioPasta with Tomato Sauce3.5
Pinot GrigioBaba Ghanoush3.5
Pinot GrigioThai Cuisine3.5
Pinot GrigioPasta Alla Carbonara3.5
Pinot GrigioCrayfish/Crawfish3.5
Pinot GrigioSquid Fried3.5
Pinot GrigioCornish Game Hen3.5
Pinot GrigioSole3.5
Pinot GrigioMiddle Eastern Cuisine3.5
Pinot GrigioChinese Cuisine3.5
Pinot GrigioShrimp3.5
Pinot GrigioRicotta Cheese3.5
Pinot GrigioBrick Cheese3.5
Pinot GrigioEgg Salad Sandwich3.5
Pinot GrigioAsparagus3.5
Pinot GrigioPasta Salad3.5
Pinot GrigioGnocchi3.5
Pinot GrigioFlounder3.5
Pinot GrigioOysters Raw3.5
Pinot GrigioVinaigrette3.5
Pinot GrigioPizza3.5
Pinot GrigioEgg Foo Yung3.5
Pinot GrigioTomatoes Raw3.5
Pinot GrigioDill3.5
Pinot GrigioCrab3.5
Pinot GrigioSpinach3.5
Pinot GrigioShitake Mushrooms3.5
Pinot GrigioMahi-Mahi3.5
Pinot GrigioChiles3.5
Pinot GrigioMozzarella Cheese3.5
Pinot GrigioBrandade3.5
Pinot GrigioBLT3.5
Pinot GrigioGuacamole3.5
Pinot GrigioSeafood Macaroni and Cheese3.5
Pinot GrigioGinger3.5


Do you have a favorite Pinot Grigio pairing? Let us know in the comments below!

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