Pinot Blanc & Food

Pinot Blanc (known as Pinot Bianco in Italy, and Weissburgunder in Germany) shot its way to fame as an Alsatian White Wine.

Some call it a poor man’s Chardonnay, while others love its creaminess with flavours that suggest pears and melon.  Often, with a well-made Pinot Blanc, you’re going to find an appealing but faint musky quality.  For a Pinot Blanc where the style is mild, apple-scented and light to medium-bodied, try enjoying it for a lazy afternoon on the hammock, or with delicate fare, such as lightly prepared seafood, white meat, or simple pasta dishes.

Fuller Bodied Pinot Blanc and Food Pairings

For Pinot Blanc that have a fuller body and will provide a rich and subtle backdrop for most food it accompanies.  As it is a white wine, it will complement the usual suspects, such as fish, seafood, chicken, turkey, salads and vegetable dishes.

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For a true Alsatian treat, try this wine with escargot, or with hollandaise dishes (or other rich sauces), onion tarts or creamy cheeses as the notable Alsatian Muenster.

Crudité and Pinot Blanc

Much like Crudité, Pinot Blanc is simple and refreshing. With its peach, pear, melon, and lemon zest flavours, Pinot Blanc won’t overpower the Crudité, so you taste both the veggies and the wine on the finish. Pinot Blanc also has enough body to hold up to any creamy dips such as ranch or caesar that you’ll be dipping your veggies in.

Scallops and Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc is delicious with a simple preparation of Scallops, such as grilled Scallops. The wine will not overpower the delicate flavours of this shellfish. Meanwhile, the lemon zest and apple notes add a bit of style to this pairing.

Pork Tenderloin and Pinot Blanc

Pork Tenderloin is the most delicate and tender cut of the pig and is similar to the weight of white meat than it is to beef. We find that Pinot Blanc is delicious with Pork Tenderloin as it has plenty of body to hold up to the meat. As well the apple and pear notes of the wine are classic flavours that go well with pork.

Escargot and Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc has an almond which complements nuttier Escargot dishes such as Snails in Limousine or Somiersky Snail which incorporate nuts. The creamy body of Pinot Blanc meshes well with any butter in the Escargot dish, while the pear and melon flavours offer lots of refreshment.

Fish Soup and Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc works with rich broth-based soups. The creamy texture complements the richness of the broth while the melon, apple and pair flavours lift out the delicate fish flavours while masking the stronger fishier flavours.

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