Petite Sirah and Food Pairing

Petite Sirah is a grape and single varietal wine that is well-loved and has its share of enthusiasts, such as the cleverly named “PS I Love You” group. Most popular in California, this wine was originally produced in France. While some think this is just a lighter version of a Syrah/Shiraz, they would be completely wrong. This is a full-bodied red that is tannic, inky and bold.

Tasting this wine, you’ll get aromas and flavours of huckleberry, blackberry, black coffee, dark chocolate, and ground black pepper.

Shiraz with Steak

Pairing Petite Syrah with Food

As Petite Syrah, there is a higher skin-to-juice ratio in the grapes, meaning you’ll get richer flavour and colour, along with dense tannin. Being such a full-bodied red, you’ll want to pair it with richer and fatty foods, or else this heavyweight will knock them right out of the ring.

Excellent pairings for Petite Syrah would be Ribs, Grilled Hamburgers, Meatloaf, Roasted Pork, Honey Glazed Ham, Chicken with Mole Sauce, Enchiladas, Venison, and Canadian Bacon.

Notable Producers of Petite Syrah

We love Francis Coppola Reserve Petite Sirah, Bogel, and J. Lohr, however, you’ll find more in-depth recommendations at

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