Perogies & Wine Pairing

Some people call Perogies ‘Polish Ravioli’, we call them Cholesterol heaven.  These tasty creations are often stuffed with potato, cheese, sausage, cabbage or bacon.  Often Pan fried and smothered in bacon bits, sour cream and shredded cheese, it could also be considered the Polish version of Canadian Poutine.

In regard to wine pairings, we prefer crisp white wines that will cut through the filling, sour cream and cheese such as Chardonnay or Riesling. Chardonnay has a buttery charm that will saddle up nicely with Perogies browned in butter. For reds, we love a Pinot Noir and Perogies as Pinot Noir has earthy notes that will go amazing with any bacon bits sprinkled on your dense dish.


Chardonnay Wine and Perogies

A buttery Chardonnay will echo the buttery pan-fried Perogies.  Meanwhile, the touch of tropical and vanilla sweetness in a Chardonnay will go great with the Caramelized onions.  This is a full-bodied white wine that can handle this richly textured dish.  Bogle Chardonnay from California is one of the best examples of a ‘buttery Chardonnay’ that we’ve tasted.

Riesling and Perogies Pairing

An off-dry Riesling is another great choice as the perceived sweetness of this wine will work nicely with the sweetness of the Caramelized onions.  The unmistakable tang of a Riesling is going to highlight all the great flavours of this dish, such as the cheese, bacon and potato, as well as cut through the rich sour cream.  Our suggestion would be one of the fine Rieslings from Tawse or Peller Estates.

Pinot Noir and Perogies

For red wine, a nice fruity Pinot Noir will go great with this dish particularly if bacon is involved.  The sweet fruitiness of the wine is a great foil to the saltiness of the bacon, making for a refreshing combination.  The earthiness of the wine will add some depth to the potato flavours and letting them shine, whereas they would normally be hidden behind the fattier cheese and sour cream components.

Amber Ale Beer and Perogies

This is a great match for Perogies that contain Potato and Cheese.  The browning of the outer Perogie is heavenly with the toasty malt flavour of a well-made Amber Beer.  The carbonation of the beer serves as a natural foil to the saltiness and cheesiness of this ethnic dish.  Flying Monkeys Amber Ale is a fantastic craft beer that will knock this pairing into the stratosphere or to Oz.

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