Drake and Moscato

Moscato wine has attracted a lot of attention lately, particularly among the 20 to 30-year-old crowd. A once fringe wine several years ago is now a huge seller, particularly in Canada. This increase in attention all seems to be due to Canadian actor-turned-rapper Drake, who rhymed “Moscato” with “model” in the 2009 duet with fellow rapper Trey Songz on the song ‘Invented Sex’. The exact lyrics are: “It’s a celebration/clap, clap bravo/lobster and shrimp and a glass of Moscato/for the girl who’s a student and her friend who’s a model/finish the whole bottle/and we gonna do it big like this.

Drake with Moscato

Moscato is the Italian for Muscat, which is a grape that has a floral nose, and expressive fruit flavours. For those new to the wine drinking world, it’s extremely popular as its light, crisp and can either be sweet, dry or prepared in a sparkling fashion.

If you’re shopping in the liquor store, you might see Moscato d’Asti. This is the Italian dessert wine version of Moscato. It’s a crackling, sweet, low in alcohol, and pairs well with dessert.

In Italy, you’ll also find Asti Spumante, which is a sparkling wine made from Moscato. Asti Spumante pairs with anything you’d pair a sparkling wine up with, such as desserts, appetizers, fresh fruit, nuts or just as an aperitif.

Moscato d’Asti Food and Wine Pairing

Elsewhere in the world, many other countries are producing phenomenal versions of Moscato, which you will find under the Muscat label

In France, you’ll find the Moscato grape used in Alsace, where it is called an Alsace Muscat. These Moscato wines tend to be dry, light, and low in alcohol while having the floral and grapey aromas. They are a great match with freshwater fish such as Perch or Trout.

Down under in Australia, there are lots of wineries producing more and more Moscato (Muscat) wines. A lot of the Moscatos in Australia tend to be light, medium sweet, zesty and a bit fizzy. Not all Moscato wines are made the same, but if the wine falls under this style, it would be a great pair with moderately sweet desserts such as sponge cake, biscotti or apple crumble.

Moscato in California and Canada is known as Muscat. Again, dry and sweet styles are made. For dry Moscato, seafood is a great choice. While not everyone can afford the luxury of Lobster and Shrimp and a glass of Moscato, you’ll find this dry Moscato pairing well with any freshwater fish, or shellfish from the sea like oysters, shrimp, and clams. The sweet versions of Moscato are perfect for any dessert you may be serving up.

Above we listed all the Moscato wines that are produced with the Muscat Blanc grape. It needs to be stated there are other versions of the Muscat grape that you should be aware of.

First up is the Black Muscat, which is made for table wine in Italy, Australia and France. However great dessert wines are made from this grape in California and British Columbia.

Muscat of Alexandria is a grape used for sherry, muscatel wines and liqueurs.

Muscat Ottonel is used for dessert wines in Romania, Austria, Croatia and Ukraine. It is also a grape used for dry wines in Alsace, and Hungary Orange Muscat is used for dessert wines in California and Australia. It is called Orange Muscat as it often has orange aromas.

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