Malbec & Food Pairings

For centuries, Malbec, has been a grape used to make Bordeaux, as well as Cahors.  However, in the past decade, Malbec has gained notoriety in Argentina as a remarkable red wine.

Similar to Merlot, Malbec is a dark and medium to full bodied red wine with essences of blackberries, cherries and licorice.  A complex Malbec may have a  mineral or earthy quality, such as summer rain on a dirt road.

Malbec and Food

This wine’s smoky and berry-chocolate bouquet makes it perfect for a charbroiled steak, game meats, beef stew, cabbage rolls, meatloaf, wildboar, short ribs, hamburgers, and anything grilled.  If you are vegan, this wine is amazing with portobello mushrooms or bean dishes.

Notable Producers of Malbec

Several great producers are Almos, BenMarco, Susana Balbo, Bodegas Esmeralda, Catena, Luca, Trapiche and Fantelli


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