Henri Bourgeois Les Baronnes & Food Pairings

Henri Bourgeois Les Baronnes Sancerre is a classy Sauvignon Blanc that is lush with green apple, gooseberry, and pear aromas. From the chalky terroir of Upper Loire, this is a stony, yet zippy mouth-watering white wine.

Pairing Sancerre with Shellfish

Sancerre and Shellfish is a classic pairing. The crisp minerality found in this wine pairs great with the salty sea flavours found in shellfish. Meanwhile, the crisp citrus flavours found in this wine add a whole lot of flavour to simple shellfish dishes, such as steamed clams or oysters. This tart wine is also goes great with sharp ingredients, such as tomatoes, making this a great wine to pair with mussels and clams tossed tomato sauce.

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Sancerre and Chevre Cheese

Chevre Cheese is a soft goat cheese from the Loire region of France that is mild and creamy when young. As it ages, this cheese becomes dry and firm with a light yet sharp acidic flavour.

Aged Chevre Cheese pairs up with Sancerre phenomenally well as Sancerre in itself mirrors these qualities of the cheese. Henri Bourgeois Les Baronnes Sancerre is tart, with a dry finish and has a mineral undertone that connects with the earthy flavours in the aged cheese. Sancerre is a great wine to pair with younger Chevre Cheese as the citrus flavours in the wine will strip away the richness of the cheese, allowing the subtle flavours of the cheese to shine.

Pairing Sancerre Wine with Smoked Trout

Henri Bourgeois Les Baronnes Sancerre is a thirst quenching white wine and it is quite refreshing against the drier texture of Smoked Trout. Smoked Trout has very delicate and subtle flavour that needs the minimum spices/herbs/citrus to enjoy. The herbal nose on this wine, along with the citrus flavours are all you really need to pair up with Smoked Trout for an amazing meal.

Pairing Sancerre with Grilled Asparagus

I love grilled asparagus. It’s a simple dish to make, requiring only olive oil, a dash of salt, and an open flame. The charred nature of asparagus is an amazing contrast to the sharp green flavours of this vegetable. Henri Bourgeois Les Baronnes Sancerre is tart enough to hold its own against the sharp flavours of asparagus, while the citrus flavours in this wine are quite refreshing against the charred texture of this dish.

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