Hamburgers & Wine Pairing

Hamburgers are simple to make, and this wine pairing can turn an ordinary meal into an extravagant affair.

Hamburger & Wine

Shiraz, particularly Australian Shiraz, is dense, dark and rich. Soft and juicy in the mouth, you get lots of black berry jam flavours, and a sprinkle of pepper. For that reason alone you simply have a red wine that loves red meat. Those jammy fruit flavours are perfect with the many sweet condiments we toss on burgers like ketchup, pickles and sweet onions. My advice is to barbecue the burgers up in front of her out on a patio where she can sit in a comfy chair in the late afternoon/early evening. Have a glass of Shiraz to warm up and let the smell and taste of the food do the rest.

Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Baco Noir and a Full bodied Merlot are four other red wines that will pair well with burgers. Zinfandel works as it is acidic along with fruity, thus it acts much like ketchup would, bringing out all the beefy flavours. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are a wise choice due to the tannin in them. Tannin loves protein and fat, so the wine instantly softens and reveals its fruitier side.

What to Pair with a Hawaiian Burger?

If you’re feeling like a Hawaiian burger, and plan on throwing a slice of grilled pineapple on top, you’ll just love this burger with a light Beaujolais.

Not in the mood for red wine, then look no further than a tropical Chardonnay. The vanilla and toastyness will go great with the grilled pineapple, and still hold up to the meat of the meal.

Sauvignon Blanc will go great with burgers topped with Avacados, Bean Sprouts and cucumber slices.

Chicken Burgers and Wine

Trying to live the healthy life?  Then you’ll probably pass on the beef, and request a grilled Chicken burger.  In this case, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc will marry well with this tasty dish.   Chicken burgers have a tendency to become dry on the grill, and a zesty Sauvignon Blanc will breath some life back into this dish.

Wine with Bison Burgers

Finally, we can’t leave without mentioning the low fat, and hearty Bison Burger.   On a cool summer night, try this rich burger with a warm and spicy Cabernet Sauvignon.  Sit by the campfire while you enjoy this great combination, the black fruit flavours of the wine will bring you to the frontier lands that the cowboys used to roam.

Beer and Burger Pairings

Beer has a lot going on, especially as you add condiments.  Thus, you can not go wrong with an IPA which has a lot going on, too. Malty, sweet, plus spicy hops, earthy, citrusy, or even tropical, will go great with tomato, bacon, mustard and ketchup.  Plus an Indain Pale Ale will cut through the grease of a well made burger, making each bite taste fresh.  We prefer a bracingly sharp IPA like Boneshaker from Amsterdam Brewery, especially if the burger is topped with sharp cheddar cheese.

If you’re adding hot peppers or something spicy to the burger, go for a American brown ale or a or Scotch ale as the maltiness will cut through the heat (whereas an IPA will make your mouth much hotter)

Nut Brown Ales and BBQ Sauce

If your burger has BBQ sauce on it, try a richer beer like Black Oak Nut Brown Ale, to bring out the smoky and sweet flavors in the BBQ sauce.

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