February 2018 – Wine & Food Pairing Additions

Below are the following Food & Beverage Pairings added to our Wine/Beer Pairing Database for 2018


Valpolicella paired with Greek Olive and Whole Wheat Pasta Salad

Valpolicella is a light and fruity red wine that won’t destroy the mild flavours of this delicious and fresh salad. Meanwhile Valpolicella has enough body to deal with the earthy flavours of the arugula and the heavier nature of the whole wheat pasta.

Jalapeño Poppers paired with Prosecco

Prosecco is fantastic with baked jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese. This bubbly sparkling wine will put out the fire caused from the Jalapeno, while the tiny bubbles will wash down the cream cheese.

Carménère Red Wine Paired with Steak

Carménère is a red wine that smolders with mulberry, tobacco, black plum and woodsmoke flavours and aromas. The smoky nature of Carménère makes it a fantastic match with barbecued steak. Meanwhile the raspberry, and blueberry flavours are playfully refreshing when paired against red meat.

Rosso Conero Wine Paired with Grilled Steak

Rosso Conero is a tongue staining red wine that will go extremely well with a steak. This wine boasts fruity and juicy flavours of black cherry, black raspberry and black currant, along with oak age qualities such as smoke. Rosso Conero wines are somewhat soft in their youth, making this perfect for steaks that are more on the well done side where the juicy flavours will be quite refreshing against the charred bitterness of the steak.

Rosso Conero Red Wine and Game Stew

Rosso Conero is a hearty red wine that matches the body of stew. The fruity red flavours of Rosso Conero will mingle nicely and cancel out the gaminess that people sometimes find unpleasant with game stew. The body of this wine will hold up to any winter veggies you toss into the stew as well, such as parsnip, turnip, potato or beets.

Rosso Conero DOC with Lasagna

Rosso Conero is a wonderful red wine to pair with Lasagna. The fruity red flavours of this wine lift up each component of the baked Lasagna allowing you taste the various layers of love that have been put into the preparation of this classic Italian dish. Meanwhile the layers of cheese, meat and roasted vegetables will let the different flavours of the wine shine bright bringing more depth to this amazing pairing.


Guacamole and Weiss Beer Pairing

Good guacamole has to be fresh, and fresh guacamole must be enjoyed with fresh beer. Weiss is a light wheat beer that is excellent with the lime, and cilantro flavours of fresh guacamole. Weiss also has an earthiness to it that complements the green taste of avocado.

India Pale Ale and Alfredo Sauce

India Pale Ale makes an excellent companion to Alfredo Sauce. This bitter beer can cut right through the rich sauce, and IPA’s often have herbal tasting hops that dance well with any herbs in the dish, such as oregano or basil.

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