Dunkel Beer and Food Pairing

Dunkel, also known as Dark Lager, are lagers that are deep-reddish-brown in colour, and have notes (depending on how they are brewed) of Caramel, Coffee, Chocolate and Licorice, all with a distinctive deep malt flavour. Dunkel beer isn’t popular around the globe, in fact, you’ll only really find it in the Franconia region of northern Bavaria along with a handful of small breweries in North America.

Dunkel Lager and Food Pairing

As Dunkel is common in Bavaria, it’s no surprise it pairs well with Bavarian dishes. Roast chicken, which has a bit of sweetness, is amazing with this slightly sweet beer. The malty flavours of Dunkel are fantastic with roast pork.

The sweetness of this beer can also tackle fruit sauces that accompany popular Bavarian dishes such as Pork, and Venison. The sweetness of this beer also makes it a fantastic choice with a glazed ham and meatloaf.


Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

Bratwurst, Liverwurst, Italian Sausages and hot dogs are a great match as well. The malty caramel and chocolate notes will love any sausage that is grilled.  In fact anything grilled such as roasted vegetables, make an exciting companion to this beer.

Dunkel is also known to have a nutty quality, making it excellent with Thai and Chinese dishes that feature cashews or sesame seeds. Furthermore, the sweetness of the beer makes it mesh well with spicier dishes so if you’ve added a little heat to your sesame noodles or pad thai, this beer can handle it.

Notable Producers of Dunkel

Schlossbrauerei Kaltenburg – Konig Ludwig Dunkel
Privatbrauerei Franz Inselkammer – Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel
Dixie Brewing Company – Dixie Blackened Voodoo
Equinox Brewing – Knight Ryder Munich Dunkel

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