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What To Pair is owned and operated by Joel Baxter. I am located in Hamilton, Ontario. This is a hobby site, meaning it costs me money to keep it running. Thus if you are looking to sell me something, like web design, or printer toner, article content, and paintball discounts, look elsewhere.

About Me

For 15 years I was a wine Steward at an exclusive private club. Here I put together the club’s wine list, maintained inventory, set the pricing, made wine recommendations, paired wines for large banquets, individual dinners and or for small events.

I initially fell into the role by accident. My boss had quit, and suddenly everyone’s eyes turned towards me to recommend wines. At the start, I knew nothing, and it was quite intimidating making suggestions to millionaires who had been drinking wine daily for 30+ years and had their own personal wine collections at home that rivalled what we had in our inventory. But after lots of drinking, eating, trial and error, and research, my confidence grew.

I created this website to help me make better pairings. As a private club, we could never say ‘no’ to a member. So if they wanted something special for dinner that wasn’t on the menu, we had to be prepared to make it lickity split, and I had to come up with a wine in a flash that they would love.

I also found when I googled things, they never told you why a pairing worked, or the pairings were basic like Cabernet Sauvignon is great with beef. However, we’d be serving Prime Rib served with extra hot horseradish, and garlic mashed potatoes plus grilled asparagus on the side. What are my best options for a Red and White wine to go with that? (As often in the industry some people might only drink red or white wine).

Thus, this database was a big help to me. I could type in garlic, potatoes, horseradish, asparagus, or beef and whittle down the perfect wine to match their meal. I hope you find it helpful too.

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To request, a food and wine pairing contact me through email.

Wine Pairing Search Engine

Regarding our wine pairing database, unfortunately, I can not provide you with the database code (even if you are a ‘student’ and promise to only use it for ‘class projects’). I’ve spent hundreds of hours not only researching the pairings but building the database. I’ve made the pairings free and easily searchable, and I feel that is generous enough.

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