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What To Pair is owned and operated by Joel Baxter. We are located in Hamilton, Ontario. This is a hobby site, meaning it costs me money to keep it running. Thus if you are looking to sell me something, like web design, or printer toner, article content, paintball discounts, look elsewhere.

To request a food and wine pairing contact us at What To Pair using the form below. Be sure to check out our Wine Database first! We’ve got THOUSANDS of pairings in there for the most common foods and wines.

If you are a winemaker/winery or a drinker of wine and wish to have your bottle reviewed, and matched with four food items. Feel free to contact us as well.

In regard to our wine pairing database, unfortunately I can not provide you with the database code (even if you are a ‘student’ and promise to only use it for ‘class projects’). I’ve spent hundreds of hours not only researching the pairings, but building the database. I’ve made the pairings free and easily searchable, and I feel that is generous enough.

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