Choya Silver White Wine & Food Pairing

Choya Silver is a white Japanese-style plum-wine, which combines a sweet white wine and a small amount of fresh ume juice. This makes for a sweet yet fruity wine with a slightly bitter almond taste, which is wonderful when paired with Chicken Fingers, Sushi Rolls, Sichuan Pork, Korean Ribs, Shrimp Scampi, and chocolate or nutty desserts.


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Choya Silver & Spicy Sushi Pairing

At 10% alcohol, Choya is a beverage you can enjoy for a light Sushi dinner or lunch. While it goes with a wide variety of Sushi, I find the plum aromas and slightly nuttiness pair best with spicier sushi rolls that have shrimp (ebi) and crab (kani) in them such as a California roll, Mango roll, or Spider roll with a touch of heat.

The plum flavours complement the sweeter notes found in shrimp and crab, and the sweetness of the wine puts out a bit of the fire, without compromising the character of the spicy heat. The balanced acidity of Choya Silver gives it a faint sour flavour that further enhances the tender crab and shrimp flavours, making the Sushi taste much more enjoyable.

Choya Silver and Chicken Fingers Pairing

The fresh plum aromas of Choya Silver are incredibly refreshing when pitted against the deep fried breading of chicken fingers. Choya Silver sweetness adds an extra level of flavour to the somewhat plain chicken, and will complement any plum sauce that you might be dipping your chicken fingers in.

Should you have french fries on the side, even better! Choya Silver offers even more refreshment against the salty nature of your french fries. Sometimes it’s too easy to overindulge on chicken fingers/fries due to the addictive salt content. When paired with Choya, the refreshing nature of the wine is so satisfying against the addictive saltiness of the food, it ensures you won’t overeat.

Szechuan Pork & Choya Silver Wine Pairings

Spicy Chinese dishes like Szechuan Pork or Chicken are fabulous with Choya Silver as the spiciness of the sauce draws out new flavours in the wine. Meanwhile, the sweetness of the wine combats the overpowering nature of the spice, mellowing it out, and allowing you to appreciate the subtle notes you could never taste before.

The Sweetness of Choya Silver is also fantastic with spicy curry dishes. Similar to pairing Choya with Szechuan, the sweetness helps cut the heat but does not subtract from the flavour of these spicy hot dishes.

Korean Ribs & Choya Silver Wine Pairings

Sweet wines featuring plum notes, like Choya Silver, are excellent companions to dishes that contain Hoisin sauce, like Korean Ribs, or Glazed Chicken. Hoisin sauce is similar to American style BBQ sauce, but is richer, less sweet and has a lovable by pungent flavour.

The fruity aromatics of Choya Silver offers a nice contrast to the rich Hoisin sauce. Meanwhile, the snappy acidity is able to penetrate through the saucy glaze and lift the wonderful meaty flavours up into the forefront. While Korean Ribs are sticky and messy, this pairing of food and wine is delicious and clean as the acidity of the wine also keeps your mouth free of the cheek coating sugars, proteins and fats found in Korean Ribs.

Shrimp Scampi & Choya Silver Wine Pairings

Shrimp Scampi is incredibly savoury with its mixture of shrimp, garlic, crushed red pepper, butter, chicken stock and parsley. As such, the richness of Shrimp Scampi tends to clog up our taste buds. Choya Silver, with its chilled acidity, scrubs the garlic oil and butter out of your cheeks, allowing each bite to taste fresh. The sweet aspect of Choya Silver tones down the heat found spicy red pepper flakes, allowing for their earthy flavours to naturally emerge. Finally, the sweet/sour nature of Choya naturally draws out all the superb flavours of Shrimp Scampi without overpowering the light-flavours of the shrimp. Thus you taste both the wine and your meal with each bite, making for a fabulous pairing.

Choya Silver & Desserts

As far as desserts go, the sweetness, aromatic fruitiness, low alcohol content, and almond notes found in Choya Silver ensures that it will go great with a lot of nutty treats such as almond biscotti, brownies, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate cake. With desserts, we recommend keeping the Choya Silver slightly chilled (as keeping it too cold will mute its fun almond and plum flavours) as well as sticking to a small glass pour (2 or 3 ounces). The goal is to have just enough wine to add a bit of flavour and keep your mouth refreshed and of course, savour the moment.

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