Chocolate & Wine Pairing

Not surprisingly, dessert wines, or wines in the sweeter style that feature berry or nutty flavours, pair best with chocolate. Port, Banyuls, and Sherry all have nutty or dark fruit flavours that are exceptional with chocolate.

Chocolate Cupcakes

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Port and Dark Chocolate Pairing

Port often has touches of cinnamon spice which pairs fantastically with dark chocolate that has a high cacao percentage. Port also has berry driven flavours that make it marvellous with milk chocolate.

Banyuls and Dark Chocolate

Banylus has a balanced acidity that makes it perfect with Semi-Sweet or Dark Chocolate, which has a bitterness to it. The bitterness brings out the espresso, raisin and macerated red fruit notes of Banylus, while Banylus’ acidity balances out the chocolate’s bitterness.

Imperial Stout Beer & Chocolate Cake

While some red wines are okay with chocolate desserts, and some people might rave about Zinfandel or a Shiraz being exceptional with chocolate cake. Personally, I find that red wine and chocolate ends up being a wrestling match in your mouth that goes nowhere. Chocolate is sweet and the fatty component coats the mouth, and neither the red wine or chocolate ends up winning. Instead, I would recommend a Stout.

Stout is naturally sweet beer and features chocolate notes that complement chocolate desserts that aren’t overly sweet, such as chocolate soufflé. The carbonation in the beer scrubs those mouth-coating chocolate flavours away, so you taste the Stout and the bitter chocolate notes on the finish.

For extra sweet chocolate desserts, like chocolate truffles or chocolate cake, select an Imperial Stout. Here we have a much sweeter beer that is balanced by a hoppy bitterness that lifts the sugar away, as well as cuts through the creamy fat content. Imperial Stout also has dark roasted coffee flavours, along with chocolate flavours that elevates this pairing even further.

Pedro Ximenez (PX) Sherry and Milk Chocolate

Pedro Ximenez Sherry is made from the Pedro Ximenez grape and Muscatel grapes and makes for a very sweet wine with nutty tones. The nutty flavours of the wine are exceptional with milk chocolate as it adds those notes to the finish, elevating this pairing. You’ll also find the sweetness of the wine holds up to the sweetness of rich Milk Chocolate.

PX Sherry is exceptional with any time of chocolate bar, including Kit Kat, Oh Henry, Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and Aero!

Sweet Marsala & Heavy Chocolate Cake

With notes of dried fruit, walnut and brown sugar, Marsala elevates chocolate cake to new heights. Stay away from fino, and stick to a Superior or Superior Reserve to appreciate this pairing.



out of 5
PortPort, RubyChocolate5
PortPort, TawnyChocolate5
PortPort, VintageChocolate5
Dessert WineBanyulsDark Chocolate5
Dessert WineBanyulsSemi-Sweet Chocolate5
Fortified WineMuscat de Beaumes-de-VeniseMilk Chocolate4.5
BeerChocolate StoutChocolate4.5
Fortified WineMuscat, OrangeMilk Chocolate4.5
BeerOatmeal StoutChocolate4.5
Dessert WineBanyulsChocolate4.5
BeerImperial StoutChocolate4.5
BeerAmerican PorterChocolate4.5
CoffeeDark RoastedChocolate4.5
BeerAmerican StoutChocolate4.5
CoffeeMedium RoastedChocolate4.5
Red WineRecioto della ValpolicellaCheesecake Chocolate4.5
CoffeeGuatamalan AntiguaChocolate4.5
Dessert WineSweet MarsalaHeavy Chocolate Cake4.5
LiquorFramboise based cocktailsChocolate4.5
Fortified WineMadeira, BualChocolate4.5
Dessert WineMadeira, MalmseyChocolate4.5
Dessert WineMaury, Roussillon (Northern Catalonia)Chocolate with Berries or Cherries4.5
Dessert WineMuscat, OrangeChocolate4.5
Dessert WineMuscat, BlackChocolate4.5
SherrySherry, PX or Pedro XimenezChocolate4.5
BeerEnglish Brown AleChocolate4.5
PortPort, TawnyDark Chocolate4.5
PortPort, VintageDark Chocolate4.5
BeerOatmeal StoutHeavy Chocolate Cake4
SherrySherry, Sweet Chocolate4
BeerBaltic PorterChocolate4
Dessert WineVin SantoChocolate4
BeerEnglish PorterLight Chocolate Cake4
TeaTea, KenyanChocolate4
BeerEnglish PorterChocolate Mousse4
TeaTea, Japanese GreenChocolate4
BeerEnglish PorterChocolate Souffle4
TeaTea, African BlackChocolate4
BeerEisbockHeavy Chocolate Cake4
Dessert WineMaury, Roussillon (Northern Catalonia)Dark Chocolate4
PortRosé PortWhite Chocolate4
Dessert WineMuscat, BlackDark Chocolate4
SherrySherry, PX or Pedro XimenezDark Chocolate4
Red WineBeaujolaisWhite Chocolate4
PortPort, TawnyMilk Chocolate4
Red WinePinot NoirWhite Chocolate4
Dessert WineMoscato d'AstiWhite Chocolate4
Sparkling WineBrachetto d'AcquiWhite Chocolate4
Dessert WineMuscat de Beaumes-de-VeniseWhite Chocolate4
LiquorChinatoDark Chocolate4
Fortified WineMadeiraChocolate Chip Cookies4
Dessert WineRutherglen MuscatMilk Chocolate4
BeerBlack IPACheesecake Chocolate4
Sparkling WineLambrusco di SorbaraMilk Chocolate4
White WineSauvignon BlancWhite Chocolate4
PortPort, TawnyIce Cream Chocolate4
PortPort, TawnyCheesecake Chocolate4
White WineSauvignon BlancSemi-Sweet Chocolate4
Sparkling WineChampagne, DryChocolate4
White WineBordeaux AOC WhiteSemi-Sweet Chocolate4
Sparkling WineChampagne, Rosé Chocolate4
SakeSakeDark Chocolate3.5
Dessert WineRiesling, Late HarvestChocolate3.5
LiquorScotch Single MaltDark Chocolate3.5
LiquorRum and Rum Based DrinksChocolate3.5
Dessert WineZinfandel, Late HarvestDark Chocolate3.5
OtherRaspberry WineChocolate3.5
White WineGewürztraminerMilk Chocolate3.5
Dessert WineSauternesChocolate3.5
Fortified WineMoscato d'AstiMilk Chocolate3.5
LiquorScotch Single MaltChocolate3.5
Fortified WineMadeira, AmberMilk Chocolate3.5
Sparkling WineSparkling WineChocolate3.5
SherrySherry, PX or Pedro XimenezMilk Chocolate3.5
White WineVouvrayChocolate3.5
Dessert WineLate Harvest WinesWhite Chocolate3.5
LiquorWhiskey and Whiskey Based DrinksChocolate3.5
JuiceOrange Based DrinksMilk Chocolate3.5
Sparkling WineAsti (DOCG), Frizzante or SpumanteChocolate3.5
Red WineZinfandelChocolate3.5
Dessert WineMuscat, BlackChocolate Chip Cookies3.5
LiquorCognac and Cognac CocktailsChocolate3.5
Sparkling WineAsti (DOCG), Frizzante or SpumanteDark Chocolate3.5
Dessert WineMuscat, OrangeChocolate Chip Cookies3.5
Dessert WineIce WineChocolate3.5
BeerImperial StoutDark Chocolate3.5
Red WineShirazChocolate Pavlova3.5
Dessert WineLate Harvest WinesChocolate3.5
LiquorCognac and Cognac CocktailsDark Chocolate3.5
Dessert WineSweet MarsalaChocolate3.5
LiquorFramboise based cocktailsDark Chocolate3.5
Dessert WineMoscatelChocolate3.5
Dessert WineMadeira, MalmseyDark Chocolate3.5
Dessert WineMoscato d'AstiChocolate3.5
Dessert WineMalagaDark Chocolate3.5
Dessert WineMuscat de Beaumes-de-VeniseChocolate3.5
Red WineCabernet SauvignonDark Chocolate2

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