Red Wine

Mencia Gabo Do Xil Label
Mencia is a medium-bodied red that is only grown in Spain and Portugal on the Iberian peninsula. This rare red has floral, strawberry/raspberry, sour cherry, pomegranate and peppery flavours. Due to the peppery flavours, this wine is excellent with meat, such as pepper steak, charcuterie, pastrami, corned beef or spicy […]

Mencia & Food Pairings

Carmenere Label for 1865
Carménère is a medium-bodied red wine grows almost only in Chile, but originated in Bordeaux, France. The wine is adored for its sour cherry and tart raspberry flavours, along with light tannin and bittersweet finish. Carménère also has a herbaceous flavour that has a peppercorn quality to it, which makes […]

Carménère Wine and Food Pairing

Lini 910 Lambrusco
Lambrusco got a bad reputation in the 1970’s for being a cheap and sweet red wine that tasted like soda pop. Fortunately in the four decades since, it has made gigantic leaps and bounds to becoming a wine worth seeking out. Primarily made in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, new […]

Lambrusco & Food Pairings