Red Wine

Beef Wellington
Beef Wellington is a filet of beef that is first covered in a mixture of chopped mushrooms, onions, shallots and herbs that have been sauteed in butter. The filet is then wrapped in puff pastry and baked. Hefty in flavour, Beef Wellington requires a dry full-bodied red such as a […]

Beef Wellington & Wine Pairing

pasta bolognese
Bolognese is a thick meat-based red sauce that requires a tannin-heavy red to handle the meat and a balanced acidity to cope with the tomato sauce. If your red wine has no acidity, it will end up tasting metallic and flabby when pitted against an acidic tomato sauce. Our favourite […]

Pasta Bolognese & Wine Pairings

Grilled Steak
With a name like Pinotage, you’d expect this South African Red wine to taste like Pinot Noir. And you’d be half right, as Pinotage is a cross between the Cinsault Grape and Pinot Noir. Except, you’re left with this inky-black wine that is incredibly bolder than the two grapes that […]

Pinotage & Food Pairings

Ribeye Steak
Ribeye steak comes from the cow’s rib region and is the juiciest and fattiest (or flavourful) cut of steak. You get the same meat as you would when you have Prime Rib, except Prime Rib is a rack of beef ribs roasted. With ribeye steak, you want young and full-bodied […]

Pairing Wine with Ribeye Steak

Pepperoni Pizza
Sangiovese is most famous as being an Italian based grape where it is used for the popular Chianti Classico, Montepulciano, Super Tuscan, Brunello di Montalcino, and Montefalco Rosso (to list a few) wines. Sangiovese isn’t exclusive to Italy, and you’ll also find it grown in Argentina, Chile, Australia and America. […]

Sangiovese & Food Pairing

Osso Buco
Osso Buco is a rich, meaty and intensely flavoured dish that is perfect for taking the chill out of a cold winter’s eve. As such, we find it demands a red wine equally as rich and flavourful, especially wines that offer a bit of spice, fruit, and earthiness. Thus we’d […]

Osso Bucco & Wine Pairing

Venison Stew
Known as the ‘King of Red Wine’, Barolo is wine high in tannin and meant to be aged at least a decade (traditionally, they used to say two decades) before enjoying. If you judge a wine by its colour, Barolo will punch you in the face every time.  In fact, […]

Barolo and Food Pairings

Roasted Duck
Cahors, France is where the Malbec grape originated, and it is a somewhat lighter-bodied Malbec than what you’d expect from Chile or Argentina. You still have a bit of tannin, but nothing as aggressive as a Cabernet Sauvignon, nor does it have a super long finish. Expect an inky dark […]

Cahors & Food Pairing

beef spicy
Mencia is a medium-bodied red that is only grown in Spain and Portugal on the Iberian peninsula. This rare red has floral, strawberry/raspberry, sour cherry, pomegranate and peppery flavours. Due to the peppery flavours, this wine is excellent with meat, such as pepper steak, charcuterie, pastrami, corned beef or spicy […]

Mencia & Food Pairings

Carne Asade Tacos
Carménère is a medium-bodied red wine that grows almost only in Chile but originated in Bordeaux, France. The wine is adored for its sour cherry and tart raspberry flavours, along with light tannin and bittersweet finish. Carménère also has a herbaceous flavour that has a peppercorn quality to it, which […]

Carménère Wine and Food Pairing

BBQ ribs
Lambrusco got a bad reputation in the 1970s for being a cheap and sweet red wine that tasted like soda pop. Fortunately, in the four decades since, it has made gigantic leaps and bounds to becoming a wine worth seeking out. Primarily produced in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, new […]

Lambrusco & Food Pairings

Bogle Petit Sirah
Petite Sirah is a grape and single varietal wine that is well-loved and has its share of enthusiasts, such as the cleverly named “PS I Love You” group. Most popular in California, this wine was originally produced in France. While some think this is just a lighter version of a […]

Petite Sirah and Food Pairing