Food Pairings

Thornbury Cider
Thornbury Village Cider is a tangy and lip smacking beverage that strikes the perfect balance between being refreshing and flavourful. This Cider is not overly sweet, strong, or complicated, however the nose on this beverage is incredibly aromatic. Head cider master Doug Johnson and his amazing staff at Thornbury Village […]

Thornbury Cider and Food Pairings

Ponzi Pinot Blanc
Pinot Blanc (known as Pinot Bianco in Italy, and Weissburgunder in Germany) shot its way to fame as an Alsatian White Wine. Some call it a poor man’s Chardonnay, while others love its creaminess with flavours that suggest pears and melon.  Often, with a well-made Pinot Blanc you’re going to find an appealing but […]

Pinot Blanc & Food