Chocolate Cupcakes
Not surprisingly, dessert wines, or wines in the sweeter style that feature berry or nutty flavours, pair best with chocolate. Port, Banyuls, and Sherry all have nutty or dark fruit flavours that are exceptional with chocolate. Port and Dark Chocolate Pairing Port often has touches of cinnamon spice which pairs […]

Chocolate & Wine Pairing

Apple Pie
My favourite time of the year is fall, and a lot of this has to do with my love of fresh Apple Pie. For years I just ate it à la mode with sharp cheddar, and while I’ll never get sick of this winning combination, I now appreciate a serving […]

Apple Pie & Wine Pairing

Banana Sundae
If you are pairing wine with Banana, the banana flavours are probably in a dessert or banana bread. Unless, of course, Planet of the Apes rang true and you are a cultured monkey living in the ruins of NY. Since you are eating a sweeter dish, sweeter dessert wines, or […]

Banana & Wine Pairing

vin santo served with biscotti
What is Biscotti? Biscotti is an Italian almond biscuit that is baked twice, for a dry, crunchy texture that is quite hard. It is typically dipped in a drink, such as coffee, tea or wine to soften it up. Biscotti is made hard to help extend its shelf-life, however the […]

Biscotti & Wine Pairings

Almond Biscotti
Best Wine with Almonds? Manzanilla Sherry Fino Sherry Tawny Port Vin Santo Prosecco Almonds (whether eaten alone, or in an almond dessert) and dessert wines are to die for. You can’t go wrong with Almonds and sherry, particularly a Manzanilla or Fino Sherry, as these types of sherry have a […]

Almonds & Wine Pairing

>Baklava is a sweet dessert that has layers of filo pastry, chopped nuts, and a syrup or honey glaze. Wines that Pair with Baklava Sauternes Tawny Port Dessert Wine Ice Wine Muscat Sauternes is a great pair, as it has lots of honey notes, is sweet, and it goes great […]

Baklava & Dessert Wine Pairings

Almond Biscotti
Almond desserts can range from chocolate covered almonds, to almond cookies/cakes, to almond butter drizzled on french vanilla ice cream. Best Wine with Almond Desserts Maderia Sweet Marsala Muscat Cream Sherries Oloroso Sherries Barsac As long as the almond flavour is prominent, any dessert wine or fortified wines, will pair […]

Almond Desserts & Wine Pairing