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Ham Roasted
Chenin Blanc is comparable to Riesling in that it is an extremely food-friendly wine.  Similar to Riesling, it comes in bone dry, off-dry, sparkling, and sweet styles. The most popular style of Chenin Blanc comes from the Vouvray region of France. With a mouth-zingy acidity and lots of mineral flavours, […]

Chenin Blanc and Food Pairing

Bogle Petit Sirah
Petite Sirah is a grape and single varietal wine that is well-loved and has its share of enthusiasts, such as the cleverly named “PS I Love You” group. Most popular in California, this wine was originally produced in France. While some think this is just a lighter version of a […]

Petite Sirah and Food Pairing

ravenswood label
Although Zinfandel are remarkably food friendly, the best pairings are when Zinfandel is matched with rich and robust foods.  The range of Zinfandel’s body might fall somewhere between medium and full-bodied and thus should be matched accordingly. Examples of Matching Zin to Food:     Strong-flavoured foods such as Mexican dishes, […]

Zinfandel & Food Pairings