Beer Pairings

Strohs Bohemian Style Pilsner
Pilsner is perhaps the most popular style of beer, thus making it the most ‘controversial’. Invented in Bohemia, now part of the Czech Republic, and perfected in Germany, Pilsner has gone on to become mass marketed and ‘flavourless water’ in North America – according to beer aficionados. And perhaps they’re […]

Pilsner & Food Pairings

pale ale
For years all beer was Brown Ale , until the Czech Republic invented the Pilsner Lager. Pilsner soon dominated everywhere with it’s refreshing colour, and as the various breweries saw the success of Pilsner, they began producing similar styles to compete. Belgian Pale Ale Belgian responded with the Pale Ale, […]

Pale Ale and Food Pairing

New Caste Brown Ale
If you’re a big fan of barbecued or charbroiled steak, and have never ventured past drinking Budweiser at a BBQ, I highly suggest you try a Brown Ale, such as Newcastle Brown Ale from England or KLB Nut Brown Ale from Ontario, Canada. English Brown Ales tend to have a lot […]

Brown Ale and Food Pairings