Calamari and Wine Pairings

No matter if Calamari is deep fried, or grilled, it’s delicious.  When I’m at the pub I like to squeeze a bit of lime or lemon on my Calamari, which makes a dry Riesling perfect, as they often have lots of lemony or lime notes.  A refreshing and off-dry Riesling works even better if there is a spicy dipping accompanying the dish as the sweetness in the wine will put out the fire in your mouth.

Sparkling Wine is another great choice for Calamari, especially if it is fried.  Sparkling Wines are fantastic with deep fried foods as their bright and citrusy flavours cleanse the mouth of oily foods.

If you like a little butter on your grilled Calamari, reach for an oaky Chardonnay, with lots of buttery overtones.  The combination will melt in your mouth.

Finally, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio both work great, especially if the Calamari is part of a hors d’oeuvres selection.  The Sauvignon Blanc is crisp, and often citrusy, which again combats the fried Calamari.  Meanwhile, the Pinot Grigio is light and fun, and again has a crisp citrus component that brings out the flavours in the Calamari.

Beer and Calamari Pairings

For Fried Calamari, try a Pilsner.  The light, dry finish of a  Pils is a perfect match for the equally light and crispy fried calamari.  If the Calamari is battered and deep fried, try an IPA beer, where the citrus flavours of an Indian Pale Ale, cut through grease and draw out the flavours of the squid.