Shepherd's Pie
Technically, Shepherd’s Pie is made with lamb, and Cottage Pie is made with beef, however since they get mixed up all the time, we’re pairing our wine picks with both. For us, Shepherd’s Pie is a frugal dish where you traditionally took your leftover meat, gravy, and veggies (peas, carrots, […]

Shepherd’s Pie & Wine Pairing

Poutine is a dense flavourful dish with earthy overtones from the french fries and gravy. Thus, our favourite wine pairings are earthy reds with lots of acidity to cut through the rich gravy and soft cheese curds, such as Pinot Noir, Baco Noir or a Chianti. Sparkling Wine and Riesling […]

Poutine & Wine Pairing

On their own, or with a tiny bit of sugar, Strawberries are fantastic with a slightly sweet sparkling wine. A sparkling white Zinfandel is a great pairing as well as they are often full of strawberry flavours. Another favourite way to eat strawberries is to marinate them in a light […]

Strawberries & Wine Pairing

There are a ton of factors to consider when pairing with Venison. From the cut of the meat, to if the Venison was farmed or wild. On top of that you also have to consider how the meat is cooked, plus any sides and sauces added to the final meal. […]

Venison & Wine Pairing

Nero d’Avola is a full-bodied, dry red wine from Sicily that has a similar weight as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Nero d’Avola can be purchased for an incredible value right now, as it is not popular just yet. While it is gaining steam as wine to be reckoned with, it […]

Nero d’Avola & Food Pairings

Pepperoni Pizza
Montepulciano is a juicy medium-bodied red wine grape from Italy which has a naturally high acidity that makes it perfect with tomato-based dishes. The wine also features robust herbal flavours and grippy tannin that demands rich and fatty foods like beef brisket, meatloaf or hamburgers. Pepperoni Pizza and Montepulciano Montepulciano […]

Montepulciano & Food Pairings

Some people call Perogies ‘Polish Ravioli’, we call them Cholesterol heaven.  These tasty creations are often stuffed with potato, cheese, sausage, cabbage or bacon.  Often Pan fried and smothered in bacon bits, sour cream and shredded cheese, it could also be considered the Polish version of Canadian Poutine. In regard […]

Perogies & Wine Pairing

Baked Chicken Parmesan
Parmesan sauce is tomato-based, meaning it won’t pair well with wines that are high in tannin. Tannin combined with tomatoes makes everything taste metallic, which is not appealing. Thus, you need a red wine that is acidic, such as Pinot Noir, Chianti, or Primitivo. Acidic wines won’t clash with the […]

Chicken Parmesan & Wine Pairing

Beef Brisket
With Beef Brisket being so rich and heavy with a dense meatiness, you’d expect a tannin heavy red wine to be the perfect match. However, with its fall off the bone tenderness, a medium-bodied Syrah, Zinfandel, or an acidic Rosso Conero work much better. While beef brisket is heavy, too […]

Beef Brisket & Wine Pairing

Falkenfelser Weissbier
Weissbier, also known as Bavarian Wheat Beer, or Weizenbier is similar but different than American Wheat Beer. While it shares a Wheat Beer’s light body and slightly citrus tartness, it also features notes of cloves, bubble gum, vanilla and banana. Darker versions of this beer are called Dunkelweisse or Dunkelweizen. […]

Weissbier & Food Pairings

Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken isn’t overly challenging to pair with, provided you match it with an acidic wine, such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, or Chianti. Heavier reds will crush the delicate chicken flavours, so it’s best to stay away from those. For heavenly pairings, however, a sparkling wine of any […]

Fried Chicken & Wine Pairing

For simple preparations of chicken, the best red wine to pair with chicken is Pinot Noir.  Now hold on a second, you might say.  You can pair red wine with chicken, which is a white meat?  Absolutely!  Pinot Noir is not a heavy red wine.  It’s high in acidity, light in tannin and has […]

Wine & Chicken Pairing