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‘ABC, anything but Chardonnay.’  As a former wine sommolier I heard this phrase a lot! To a certain degree I agree that you should drink whatever style of wine you like best.  When it comes to food pairings, however, I find those who discount chardonnay due to its mass appeal might miss out […]

What to Pair with Chardonnay

Grüner Veltliner (GROO-ner VELT-lie-ner) is an Austrian White Wine is a light to medium bodied white wine (although there are fuller bodied versions) that often has a greenish tint to it. Typical flavours and aromas you’ll get from this wine are melon, grapefruit, and quite often green vegetable smells such […]

Pairing Food with Grüner Veltliner

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Ripasso is what I like to call  ‘baby Amarone’ as it is made from the left over dried grapes that are originally used to make Amarone.  Basically they add these Amarone grapes to a Valpolicella wine to increase the flavour and/or intensity of the wine.  On the label you may […]

Ripasso Wine and Food Pairings

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Although Zinfandels are extremely food friendly, the best pairings are when Zinfandels are matched with rich and robust foods.  The range of Zinfandel’s body might fall somewhere between medium and full-bodied and thus should be matched accordingly. Examples of Matching Zin to Food:     Strong-flavoured foods such as Mexican dishes, […]

Zinfandel – Monster Truck in a Bottle

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Moscato wine has attracted a lot of attention lately, particularly among the 20 to 30 year old crowd. A once fringe wine several years ago is now a huge seller, particularly in Canada. This increase in attention all seems to be due to Canadian actor-turned-rapper Drake, who rhymed Moscato with […]

Drake and Moscato

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With all the mystery surrounding Amarone, you’d expect the wine to be created during the renaissance, and worthy of a Da Vinci code mystery. However, Amarone is a very recent phenomenon. It really wasn’t commercialized until the 50’s when Bolla, Masi and Bertani introduced it into the market. The mystery comes […]

Amarone Wine and Food Pairings