Chateaneuf de Pape
Grenache wines can usually range from single varietal grape driven wines to wines that are blended with a variety of other grapes. This gives us a lot of styles to choose from, such as an easy drinking Côtes du Rhône with lots of raspberry flavours to a full-bodied and powerful Châteauneuf du Pape, which […]

Pairing Food with Grenache

dusty bordeaux bottles
Similar to Burgundy, wines from Bordeaux are some of the most collectable wines in the world. Red Bordeaux can be aged for decades, and are often are aged by wine investors and sold for thousands of dollars further down the road. Red Bordeaux are often a mix of five different […]

Bordeaux & Food Pairing

Some people say Merlot is just a lighter version of Cabernet Sauvignon, but I disagree. Merlot to me has always been cherries dipped in bittersweet chocolate. Lush and silky, this wine can be quite the seductress. California and New Zealand are notable producers of this noble red wine. In France […]

Merlot and Food Pairing

Penfolds Shiraz Label
Although they are spelled different, Shiraz and Syrah are primarily the same grapes. In California Shiraz is called Syrah, and in Australia, Shiraz is simply Shiraz. Shiraz made a big boom in the later years of the 2000 decade. Australian Shiraz took the world by storm with its jammy notes of blackberries, […]

Shiraz & Food Pairings