butter chicken
Curry dishes are notoriously difficult to pair with wine. This is because there are a variety of spices, and historically, there are no traditional food and wine pairings to fall back on in India. Fortunately, Butter Chicken is one of the more rich but mild Indian influenced dishes available, and […]

Butter Chicken & Wine Pairing

Ribera del Duero is known for its Tempranillo grape-based red wines, which range from fruity and accessible to complex and powerful. Common flavours include black cherry, blackberry, bay leaf, brown sugar, and dried fig. Ribera del Duero must contain 75% Tempranillo, and while some wines might be 100% Tempranillo based, […]

Ribera del Duero & Food Pairing

Chorizo Sausage
Chorizo is a highly seasoned chopped pork sausage that varies from region. In Spain, for example, they use smoked pork for their Chorizo. In Portugal, they have a similar product called Chouriço. Mexico has its own interpretation of Chorizo which uses uncooked ground pork and local seasonings. Puerto Rico, Gao, […]

Chorizo Sausage & Wine Pairing

Chinese Takeout
Chinese food is a special occasion staple in my family as it offers tasty food at an affordable price. Everyone has that favourite dish they are looking forward to, whether it be Chicken Balls, Stir-Fried Rice, Pork Spare Ribs, or my personal fave, General Tao Chicken. When it comes to […]

Chinese Takeout & Wine Pairing

lamb chops
Medium to heavy bodied reds that are fruit-forward, best pair with Lamb Shoulder or Leg of Lamb, where you have fatty cuts of meat that are full of flavour. The fruity nature of a Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz or Rioja helps mask the gamy lamb flavours that not everyone loves. Meanwhile, […]

Lamb & Wine Pairing

Rack of Lamb
I often get asked what I would pair with a Super Tuscan. The trouble here is that there is an incredible amount of variety to the Super Tuscan Family. A Super Tuscan is any wine produced in Tuscany that does not include indigenous grapes. Thus, if the wine contains Cabernet […]

Super Tuscan & Food Pairings

Chili Con Carne
When it comes to wine and Chili ( Chilli, if you’re in the UK) pairings, there are tons of options. If the Chili is spicy hot, stick to low alcohol reds and whites, like Riesling, or Beaujolais. For Chili Con Carne (or Chili with Meat), fruit-forward red wines such as […]

Chili & Wine Pairing

Chocolate Cupcakes
Not surprisingly, dessert wines, or wines in the sweeter style that feature berry or nutty flavours, pair best with chocolate. Port, Banyuls, and Sherry all have nutty or dark fruit flavours that are exceptional with chocolate. Port and Dark Chocolate Pairing Port often has touches of cinnamon spice which pairs […]

Chocolate & Wine Pairing

Caviar Tart
Caviar is one of the most expensive foods you can buy. While it is fish eggs from the Sturgeon fish (fish eggs from any other fish is called Roe), it never should taste fishy. Instead, expect a full-bodied taste with iodine notes, and a smooth and creamy texture with hints […]

Caviar & Wine Pairing

Roquefort cheese
Sauternes is a sweet white wine from Bordeaux and is made from carefully selected grapes which have been infected by a mould called Botrytis Cinerea. This mould (nicknamed noble rot) brings out layers of complexity to this delicious wine, such as intense notes of honeycomb, apricot, butterscotch, caramel, coconut, marmalade […]

Sauternes & Food Pairing

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Chianti is a fresh and youthful Italian wine from Tuscany with rustic charm and is made from the Sangiovese grape (with up to 15% content from other grapes). Rustic is a description often applied to Italian wines, and it often implies an earthiness or forest component to it. Expect flavours […]

Chianti & Food Pairings

One primary reason why people sometimes don’t understand food and wine pairing is that the food and wine recommendations often involve complicated and high-end gourmet dishes.  Most of the population does not have much time to prepare fancy meals on a night or even weekly basis.  Should we prepare a […]

Submarine Sandwiches & Wine Pairings