Best Beer & Wine with Lasagna

Lasagna is one of our favourite comfort foods, especially when it is fresh and homemade. Layers of ground beef, noodles, cheese, and various veggies like onion, peppers and tomato sauce are hard to beat. And while there are many different variations of Lasagna to be had, from white Lasagna, pesto based lasagna, Lasagna made with sausage, turkey, squash, eggs and goat cheese, we’re sticking to the classic version for this blog. However feel free to contact us, or leave a comment below if you need help with these pairings.

Chianti and Lasagna

Perhaps the best wine to pair with lasagna is a Chianti. This Sangiovese based red wine has a rustic profile and acidity that it won’t taste metallic against the tomato sauce backdrop.


For similar reasons, Barbera, Dolcetto, and Rosso Conero will all make excellent mambo partners with a red sauced based Lasagna. If you put a red wine that is low in acid and high in tannin, the pairing is just going to taste flat. That’s why we wouldn’t really recommend a Rioja, or Cabernet Sauvignon with Lasagna as the pairing will not be exceptional as they can’t hold up to the acidity of tomato sauce, and everything might end up tasting like tinfoil.

Zinfandel and Pinot Noir are two other great choices for red, as they too have an acidic profile. Pinot Noir is exceptional with Lasagna that features mushrooms, due to the earthy nature of the red. Another red wine that will go well with mushrooms as well as tomato sauce is a lighter styled Merlot. By lighter we mean the wine leans towards acidic, vs grippy tannin or even medium bodied versions you would find in Chile or Argentina.

White Wine and Lasagna

For white wine, look for dry whites, like Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling to pair up nice with your Lasagna. Sauvignon Blanc is exceptional with vegetarian Lasagna where grilled veggies are used instead of ground beef. Sauvignon Blanc is also amazing with Lasagna that may feature goat cheese.

If you can’t choose between red or white, try pairing Lasagne with a Rosé, or Prosecco. Both wines aren’t overly sweet and lean toward dry. Thus they will cut through the greasy cheese and meat textures and lift out delightful flavours you may have never noticed before.

Beer and Lasagna

Wine generally pairs better with tomato sauce due to the sauce’s acidity. However, with beer you still can’t really go wrong. I wouldn’t lean toward heavier beer though as Lasagna on its own is quite filling. Instead, choose lighter beers that are slightly hoppy or bitter. Our favourite choices being Pilsner, Amber Ale, Brown Ale, or Pale Ale.

What’s your favourite beverage to pair with Lasagna? We’d love to know, so feel free to comment below, or check out our wine pairing database for more pairings.

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