Beef Tacos & Wine Pairing

With Beef Tacos, the primary flavour you want to match to is the seasoned beef.  With this in mind, a food friendly Zinfandel would work really well.  Stay far away from Zinfandel if the Tacos are Spicy Hot.  The Tannins and somewhat high alcohol content in a Zinfandel will just burn your mouth when combined with hot tacos.  Instead, reach for a Riesling, which will feel  refreshing.

A Syrah would go well with the Tacos too.  Syrahs tends to have a peppery and spicy quality that will complement the seasoned beef.

If the beef tacos are done in a Carne Asada style (beef marinated with lime) go for a Riesling.  Rieslings have a citrus lemon quality to them that will match the lime flavours of the marinated beef.

Beer and Beef Tacos

Pale ales are a perfect go to for taco nights.  If your tacos have a mild salsa, a bubbly pale ale will enhance the taco spices and add complexity to the beef and cheese.  If you’re feeling adventurous and have a spicer salsa, why try a hoppy India Pale Ale, like Flying Monkey’s Smashbomb Atomic American IPA.  The salsa’s heat will be intensified by the IPA’s hops making for a mouth watering combo!

Liquor and Tacos

Tequilla!  Go for a well made Margarita, made from fresh ingredients, such as real lime, (not from a Margarita mix).  The tequilla will enhance any cilantro or guacamole flavours.  You probably wouldn’t want straight tequila, as the high alcohol content will burn when combined with any heat from the salsa.

Pee Wee Herman Tequila Dance

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