Beaujolais Nouveau & Food Pairings

Beaujolais Nouveau is a light and charming red wine made in the southern part of France’s Burgundy region.  Never taken seriously in terms of collectability or complexity, Beaujolais has its fans as it’s a fruity, bright and zesty wine with no bitter tannin.  The term Nouveau means that it’s the first vintage of the year, as this wine is picked, fermented and bottled within just a few weeks.

Officially released the third Thursday in November, this wine has a lot of marketing behind it in France.  Wineries will serve the first drops the first second after midnight the day this wine is released!  This wine is meant to be easy drinking and fun, which is exactly how you should pair with it.

Best wine with Pub Fare

Pair Beaujolais with french fries, calamari, chicken wings, or nachos.  This wine has plenty of acidity to keep your mouth fresh without interfering with the flavours of the food.

Fantastic wine for Thanksgiving Dinner

Beaujolais simply goes well with Turkey and all the Thanksgiving fixings such as mashed potatoes, biscuits, cauliflower and cheese, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.  It’s just an easily drinkable wine, low in alcohol, so you won’t end up embarrassing yourself.

Best Wine for Business Lunches

Beaujolais also goes well with lunches, especially business lunches as it’s not high in alcohol, and it will pair with just about anything light such as salads, sandwiches, or chicken dishes.  You’ll walk out of that business meeting, feeling good, and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Beaujolais and Cheese

This is a fantastic wine with Camembert and goat cheese as they will pair well with the acidity of Beaujolais.

Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Villages

Aside from Beaujolais Nouveau, you will find Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Villages are offered year-round Beaujolais and are the same wine, but with a bit more personality.  They are light and simple red wines that fresh and fruity.  Beaujolais-Villages is said to be slightly more complex than your regular Beaujolais, but the average wine drinker will probably not taste the difference.  If there is a ‘Cru’ attached to the wine label, you may find a little more body to the wind, and perhaps some earthiness too.

These fun reds will pair with just about anything Beaujolais Nouveau will pair with, meaning they are perfect for picnics, business luncheons and pub fare.  These reds are made with the Gamay grape, and a Cru Beaujolais refers to one of the ten villages in the best part of the Beaujolais region.  These ten villages are Brouilly, Chenas, Chiroubles, Cote de Brouillly, Fleurie, Julienas, Morgon, Moulin-a-Vent, Regnie, and St. Armour.

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