Banana and Wine Pairing

If you are pairing wine with Banana, the banana flavours are probably in a desert or banana bread.

Since you are eating sweeter fair, sweeter desert wines, or fortified wines will work well.  Ports, Ice Wine, Sauternes, Muscats, and sherries are all excellent choices.  A sweeter Rose, or a semi dry sparkling wine would be exceptional as well.

Beer and Banana Pairings

An Imperial Stout and Banana bread go quite well.  The dense, fatty, richness of the cake is enough to protect the palate from the aggressive bitterness and alcohol of the beer, allowing the flavours of the two to integrate. If you are eating a desert with a bit of banana in it, but has other fruit flavours as well, try a hefeweizens, dunkelweizens or weizenbocks, which all have banana and clove profiles.