Baklava & Dessert Wine Pairings

Baklava on a plateBaklava is a sweet dessert that has layers of filo pastry, chopped nuts, and a syrup or honey glaze.

Sauternes is a great pair, as it has lots of honey notes, is sweet, and it goes great with chopped nuts.  Sauternes is a sweet wine from the Sauternais region of the Graves section in Bordeaux, France. This wine is made from Sémillon, Sauvignon blanc, and Muscadelle grapes that have been affected by “noble rot”, or Botrytis Cinerea. Noble Rot is an infection that causes the grapes to become raisin like, which in turn, concentrates the flavour.

The sweetness and chopped nuts also pairs well with a Tawny Port. Aged tawny ports are wines made from grapes that are aged in wooden barrels exposing them to gradual oxidation. This oxidation gives the wine it’s golden-brown colour as it mellows in the barrels, as well as imparts a nutty flavour to the wine. This nutty flavour will complement the nutty nature of Baklava quite well.

Should you not have a tawny port or Sauternes on hand, fear not, any sort of sweet dessert wine, or port will go magnificently well with Baklava.

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