Baco Noir and Food Pairings

Baco Noir is a wine that is pretty much exclusive to the soils of North America. It is not a popular wine, as it is a bit of a conundrum. If you look at it, it’s extremely aromatic, and dark, thus you’d expect something that’s rich and complex. Instead, it’s a fruity mid-bodied wine that’s highly acidic and low in tannin. It also has a bit of smoke to it, and some find it a bit sour, but it really depends on the style. Due to its uniqueness, people often compare it with a rustic Italian wine.

Baco Noir does barbecued meats very well. However, you don’t want to pair it with expensive cuts of meat, like steak or anything you’d cook rare or medium. Instead you want foods that are cooked all the way through, and almost charred, like burgers, or ribs. Due to the low tannin in the wine, the less fat that is cooked out of the meat, the more this fruity wine is going to complement it. The fruitiness of the wine would also go well with grilled lamb kebabs.

Because of its high acidity, Baco Noir wine does tomato sauce based dishes well too. Any sort of rich meaty tomato based sauce spread upon grilled meats, or part of a hearty pasta dish. For a true Baco Noir treat, serve it with homemade pizzas that are heavy on the tomato sauce and pepperoni.