Asparagus and Wine Pairing

When it comes to pairing wine and Asparagus, you want to stay away from fruity wines.  Red wines and Rose’s are simply out of the question.  Stay away from heavily oaked white wines too, like Chardonnay.  Instead, choose crisp, and dry White Wines with little to no Sweetness.

A prime example is Sauvignon Blanc.  Sauvignon Blanc, is fantastic with Asparagus as these wines are a little pungent and grassy on the nose.  The Citrus nature of a Sauvignon Blanc is wonderful with Asparagus as well, as each sip is like a little squeeze of lemon on your food.

The lemony flavours off an off-dry Riesling will pair up well with Asparagus too.

The dry but semi-sweet nature of a sparkling wine is fantastic, especially with a cold grilled Asparagus Salad.  An Italian Pinot Grigio (a light, not fruity style) will work well in this case too.