Arugula & Wine Pairing

Arugula is a bitter salad green with a peppery mustard flavour.  It’s very popular in Italy, and elsewhere in the world, it makes a lively addition to salads, soups or sauteed vegetarian dishes.

Peter Yealands Sauvignon BlancWhile the flavour is very assertive, a Sauvignon Blanc, especially one that is grassy on the nose, will complement this vegetable. Peter Yealands Sauv Blanc is a good example of a grassy white wine that also features gooseberry and melon aromas with crisp citrus and ripe melon flavours.

Grüner Veltliner is an Austrian White wine that is notable for having lots of ‘green vegetable’ flavours such as zucchini, and pureed pees.  You’ll also get a touch of melon, some grapefruit, and white pepper.  Because the wine has green and peppery qualities, it complements and befriends the bitter Arugula quite easily.

Arugula & Beer Pairing

When pairing a beer to a Salad, where Arugula is the dominant green, try a crisp Pilsner.  The beer will be quite refreshing against the spiciness of the bitter salad green.  An American Pale Ale and a Grapefruit & Arugula salad, is another winning combination.

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