Argyle Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Review & Food Pairing

Argyle Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is a light but medium-bodied red wine that offers up spectacular aromas of cherry, cedar, strawberry and spice. The flavours of fresh jammy fruits like strawberries or currants are quite juicy on the palate, while an earthy complexity will have you dreaming about strolling down a forest trail. The finish on this wine is quite sassy, teasing you to take another sip. Below are four foods we feel this wine would be divine with.

grilled salmon

Oregon Pinot Noir and Salmon

If you want to experience the ultimate Salmon and wine pairing, pair Argyle Pinot Noir with either Grilled or Pan Roasted Salmon. It might seem odd, as the typical pairing for fish tends to be white wine, however, Pinot Noir is a versatile red that is similar to a white wine with its high acidity and low alcohol content.

This pairing works as Salmon is a fatty fish, and Argyle Pinot Noir has lots of bright acidity to cut right through this richness. With lots of bright cherry and strawberry, on top of subtle earthy and smoky flavours, you’re well on your way towards imagining a lip-smacking delicious meal fit for a king or queen.

The Perfect Wine for Roasted Duck

Argyle Pinot Noir is the best wine to go with Roast Duck. With its crispy skin and succulent meat, roast duck is the perfect meal on a chilly autumn evening. Duck and a fruit sauce is a classic combination, but when paired with a fruity pinot noir, the fruit sauce is completely unnecessary. Argyle Pinot Noir boasts plenty of jammy strawberry and cherry flavours to mask the gaminess of duck that the fruit sauce often does. Meanwhile, the wine’s acidity focuses on the richer flavours of the duck, creating a spectacular synergy. If you accompany your roasted duck with a mushroom sauce, the combination will become even more heavenly as the earthy flavours of the wine merge with the unmistakable mushroom flavours.

Pork Dishes and Wine Pairing

Argyle Pinot Noir is a very food friendly wine and will go well with a whole range of Pork dishes. While pork has strong flavours, it’s the earthy quality of this wine that allows it to stand on its own beside these juicy pork flavours. A great wine to pair with stuffed pork tenderloin (particularly one stuffed with mushrooms and dried red fruits like currants or cherries). Our favourite pork dish to pair this wine up would have to be ham. The acidity of this wine is quite refreshing against the salty backdrop of ham. If you have leftovers, serve this wine with a simple ham, mushroom and rice stir fry the next day. The earthiness of the wine will go great with the mushrooms and rice while the fruity flavours will make this dish seem brand new. If you add a bit of soy sauce to your stir fry, you’ll find the smoky flavours of the wine and soy sauce were made for one another.

Wine and Cheese Pairings

Brie and Camembert are two kinds of cheese that are rich, creamy, and have an earthy mushroom flavour. The acidity in Argyle Pinot Noir is the perfect foil to the creamy texture as whisks away the fattiness of the cheese and refreshes your palate for the next bite. Meanwhile, the earthy nature of the wine and the cheese will weave in and out amongst one another sharpening the best flavours in each and bringing them up front where they can sing. This makes for one cheese and wine pairing made easy.

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