Apple and Wine Pairing

It is doubtful that you will serve a wine with an apple on it’s own.  Thus this pairing would more or less apply to foods containing apples, or flavoured as such.

Red and Green Apple

Due to the crisp nature of an apple, it will bring out all the flaws in a wine, hence the phrase ‘buy wine on apples, sell on cheese.’  Therefore, you really want to stay away from all red wines, as the tannin in the wine will become uncomfortable sharp.

Instead choose white wines that already have apple flavours in them, such as Chardonnay, Riesling, and Viognier.  The lightness and minerality found it sparkling wine also complements apples, and when paired together it feels like you are drinking sparkling apple juice.

Beer and Apple Pairing

Again, I don’t see anyone voluntarily drinking a beer whilst eating an apple.  However, combining equal parts of the beer Guinness, and a Hard Apple Cider, such as Thornbury, makes a wonderful cocktail called a black velvet.

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