Apple Pie & Wine Pairing

My favourite time of the year is fall, and a lot of this has to do with my love of fresh Apple Pie. For years I just ate it à la mode with sharp cheddar, and while I’ll never get sick of this winning combination, I now appreciate a serving with wine or beer on occasion.

Since apple pie is not overly sugary, it pairs well with sweeter wines like Marsala or Sauternes, fizzy wines like Moscato d’Asti or syrupy wines like Tawny Port. We also love apple pie with malty beers like an Imperial Stout or Porter.

Apple Pie

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Sweet Marsala and Apple Pie

Marsala is a fortified wine, and sweet versions have a nutty, vanilla and brown sugar flavour which goes amazingly well with Apple Pie. Marsala has a caramel like sweetness which adds a touch of candy apple flavour to each bite.

Sauternes and Apple Pie

Sauternes is perhaps one of the world’s greatest dessert wines. Its lush honey like flavours carry a tangy spicy note that imparts a cinnamon like dusting flavour for each and every bite.

If you are having trouble finding a Sauternes, Barsac is an acceptable substitute.

Moscato d’Asti & Apple Pie

Moscato d’Asti, a low-alcohol, sweet, fizzy wine from Italy. On the nose you’ll find wonderful notes of fruit blossoms that complement the apple flavours of the pie. Meanwhile the fizzy bubbles wash away the the buttery crust flavours helping each bite taste as fresh as the last.

Riesling (sweet) and Apple Pie

A dessert style Riesling offers a sticky texture and tastes of lime, marzipan and exotic blooms. The lime notes sharpen the apple notes as well as help cut through the buttery crust. You’ll want to make certain you have a dessert styled Rieling as dry variations of Riesling exist that won’t pair up as nicely.

Tawny Port & Apple Pie

Tawny Port has nutty and caramel notes that make this fortified wine exceptional with Apple Pie. You’ll also find dried orange, fig, toffee, and spices notes that help pepper each bite with a little extra joy.

Imperial Stout & Apple Pie

Imperial Stout and/or Irish Porters provide chocolate and coffee flavours that produces a very tasty contrast when pitted against apple pie. Meanwhile the bitterness of the beer, along with the carbonation cuts through both the sugar and fat found in an apple pie.

If you love vanilla ice cream on your Apple Pie, a Vanilla Porter is a fantastic match!


Do you have a favourite Wine and Apple Pie Pairing? Let us know in the comments below!


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