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Barking Squirrel Lager
Hop City Barking Squirrel Lager showcases light caramel malts with a slight nutty taste, followed by a grassy and citrus finish. The colour of this beer is a beautiful amber-copper, and the nose has a fantastic brown sugar and bready sweetness. Easy drinking enough to go on its own, however, […]

Barking Squirrel Amber Lager Beer & Food Pairing

Arugula Salad
Arugula is a bitter salad green with a peppery mustard flavour. It’s very popular in Italy, and elsewhere in the world, it makes a lively addition to salads, soups or sauteed vegetarian dishes. Best Wine with Arugula Sauvignon Blanc GrĂ¼ner Veltliner Arneis Chablis Pale Ale While the flavour is very […]

Arugula & Wine Pairing