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Pairing Wine with Tuna

Grilled Tuna Steak and Chardonnay Tuna is a very versatile fish; it can be served as a steak, eaten as a sandwich, or added to a casserole.  For people who don’t like the fishiness of fish, Tuna offers a great alternative as it has all the health benefits of eating fish (tuna is high in omega 3, high in protein, has no carbs or sugar).  In fact, canned tuna has been a weightlifter’s staple since Arnold Schwarzenegger made body building famous.

Pairing tuna and wine together makes a great meal, as they both have a lot of health benefits many people are lacking, such as the antioxidants in wine, and the omega 3 fats in fish.  If you are have a tuna fish sandwich, chances are you are eating lunch, and a light red, such as Beaujolais is a great pair.  Like the tuna fish sandwich, Beaujolais is a classic picnic staple as it’s light, fruity and easy to drink.  Any sort of dry Rose, or easy drinking white wine like Pinot Grigio will go well with Tuna Fish Sandwiches as well.

For a grilled Tuna steak, we would suggest and Oregon Pinot Noir for red wine.  It’s a bright wine, with tangy cherry flavours, and a pleasant earthiness. Oregon Pinot Noirs are very fish friendly as they are low in tannins, and high in acidity.  The earthiness of the wine goes great with the charred nature of the Tuna Steak.   For similar reasons, a Barbara, or a beefier Syrah will go nice as well with the grilled fish. If you are a white wine drinker, go for an oaked Chardonnay .  The toastiness of the oak will mesh quite well with the grilled tuna.  For pairng beer and Tuna Steak, our favourite pairing with grilled foods is a stout.  These flavourful beers will hold up to the grilled nature of the bbq, while bringing out the best flavours in both the tuna and the beer.  Amber ales are another wise choice.

Many see Tuna Casserole or Tuna bakes as comfort food.  These creamy dishes are rich and full of buttery textures and we’d pick Chardonnay, the ultimate white comfort wine to pair it up with.  Although you could choose something oaky to compliment the buttery flavours of this dish, we’d suggest pairing tuna casserole with a wine that is mildly oaked.  Our reason is that tuna casserole is a heavy dish, and pairing it with a wine that is heavy as well might make the whole combination seem overwhelming.  In regard to pairing beer and Tuna Casserole, crisp beers, such as Pilsners and Lagers will go great with this dish as they will refresh the palate from the creamy and salty goodness of the Tuna Bake.

Tuna Tartare is essentially raw tuna.  White wine is your best option, and we’d suggest something dry but with a mineral aspect to it, such as a French Sauvignon Blanc, a lightly oaked Chablis .  If you are in a sushi house, why not try a well-chilled sake.

Written by: Joel Baxter